Cloud Computing in your library’s future? How to ensure a sunny outcome. (Carl Grant)


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  • Cloud computing in your library’s forecast? The Ex Libris approach
  • Cloud Computing
  • Collaboration
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Selection – Overlap analysis – purchased resources available on another format – line chart Selecao – Analise de overlap – recursos adquiridos que estavam disponiveis em outro formato -- grafico de linha Acquisition - Usage by Fund bar-chart, allocation by Dept and Material type, Aquisicao – grafico de barras contendo uso por verba, alocacao por departamento e tipo de material Fulfillment - % of ILL requests converted to purchase over time, time for fulfillment by request type Atendimento de pedidos – porcentagem dos pedidos de EEB que se transformaram em aquisicoes ao longo do tempo , tempo ate’ o atendimento por tipo de pedido Cataloging – cataloging time per vendor Catalogacao – tempo de catalogacao por fornecedor Digital Repositories – submissions by department, collection Repositorios Digitais – deposito de material por departamento e colecao
  • What are the concerns?
  • Recentissimo: 25 milhoes de usuarios dos jogos online da Sony tiveram seus dados hackeados incluindo informacoes de cartao de credito
  • Tambem recente – 21 de abril – maquinas da Amazon onde terceiros alugam espaco (web hosting) tiveram problemas Em consequencia, os sites de varias companhias conhecidas tiveram problemas – p.ex. Foursquare, uma rede social
  • Branding
  • We need to work together
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing in your library’s future? How to ensure a sunny outcome. (Carl Grant)

    1. 1. Cloud Computing in your library’s future? How to ensure a sunny outcome . ELAG, May 2011 Carl Grant, Chief Librarian
    2. 3. Cloud Computing
    3. 4. Cloud Computing
    4. 5. Platform neutrality… means your vendor becomes more efficient and effective too.
    5. 6. Reduced costs because shared costs are lower costs
    6. 7. Add value for library users Consolidate the frameworks CONSOLIDATE OPTIMIZE Optimize through collaboration EXTEND Extend the range of services
    7. 8. is also about creating communities around information from which new knowledge will emerge Collaboration
    8. 9. Cloud Computing is Green both hardware and Library staff get used more efficiently
    9. 10. Analysis Resource Usage by Fund Overlap in New Purchases Request Time to Fulfillment Digital Submissions by Department ILL Requests Converted to Purchases Purchase Digitize Loan
    10. 12. What are the concerns?
    11. 16. Configurable? Extensive configurability is essential so librarianship can show end-users identifiable value.
    12. 17. OSS extensions ensure that which is common can do that which is uncommon.
    13. 18. Branding Is stamping the library name on the delivered information AND the value of librarianship on the end-users mind.
    14. 19. Support is better because your vendor does the common and your staff does the unique
    15. 20. We need to work together.. while being realistic in our expectations.
    16. 21. ill-informed legislation (about cloud computing in libraries) will result in ill-informed citizens.
    17. 23. Cloud Computing unites libraries so researchers start higher and go farther
    18. 24. Carl Grant Chief Librarian, Ex Libris         T: +1-847-227-2615  M: +1-540-449-2418 E:  [email_address] W: Twitter:  carl_grant Blog: