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Asian paints canvas 2015

Team Vision Quest submission for Asian Paints Canvas 2015.
Please provide your feedback & follow me for free ppts.

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Asian paints canvas 2015

  1. 1. Team: Vision Quest Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay Members Rohit Kumar ( Sumeet Kumar Seth Raushan Kumar Parthsarthy Asian Paint Canvas 2015
  2. 2. Picking New industries to enter and deciding on the best mode of entry Leverage cross business value chain relationship and strategic fit into competitive advantage Establishing investment priorities and steering corporate resources to most attractive business unit Initiating action to boost combined performance of the cooperation’s collection of Business Market Research Internal Communication Acquisition/ Collaboration External Communicati on Pilot Testing Upscal ing Business Transition Strategy Framework Industry Selection Attractiveness Test Cost of Entry Test Better off Test Décor Accessories, Furnishing& Colour Combination of Wall industries are favourable Décor Accessories, Furnishing& Furniture industries are suitable in this case Décor Accessories, Colour Combination & Furniture are suitable for this case * Refer to the excel for evaluation of the above mentioned test We will be selecting Décor accessories, furniture and colour combination Industry on the basis of aggregate ranking Mode of Entry Acquisition Internal New Ventures Joint Ventures Pros Market Share, Visibility, distribution network, Synergies, Human Resources, Business Processes & Technologies Relatively Inexpensive, Economies of Scale, Better Control & Coordination, Maintains Corporate Culture One Stop Solution for Home Décor, Access to Knowledge & Resource, new opportunities, Share exposure to risks Cons Cultural Differences, Potential debt rise, High Fixed Cost, Slow Decision Making, Overtrading Unequal Contribution, Unclear Communication, Difficulty in Integrating Operations • As the pros outweigh cons in Acquisition and Joint Venture so We will be selecting these as our mode of entering the market Business Transition and Strategy Framework
  3. 3. Supply Chain Brand Equity Large Market Share Technological Competency Unique Advertisements Strong Financials • Modular Supply Chain • More customer touchpoints • Enabler for Market Share Gains • Brand Extension • Line Extension • Brand stretching/Vertical Extension • Cross selling • Upselling • Promotions • Streamline operations • Go to modern Retail • Rank interior designers to create competition & synergies • Virtual Reality Based Promotions • Collaboration with Real Estate Websites ( • New Mascot • Promotion & Marketing • Easy Access to Working Capital • Investment in R&D Target affluent working Couples in Tier 1 Cities Position as a one stop provider of entire range of home decor Observe, Discover & Create unmet consumer needs e.g. single use washable paints for specific occasions like birthdays Create phase (engagement, Conversion & Advocacy) specific content to establish brand e.g. organize ‘Selfie with Wall’ competition Send personalized ads using system cookies Publically Post user reviews Brand Positioning Product & Service Strategy Content Strategy Channel Strategy • Develop a plan for all digital media channels including, website, blog & email. • e.g. make social profile as the main channel for initial periods to push targeted ads • Create blogs & websites to act as supporting channels • Use timed promotion over different channels like: • Send emails on birthdays, post contents on websites during sale & discounts Leveraging Existing Strengths Digital Content Strategy Engagementfunnel Leveraging Existing Strength & Building Digital Content Strategy
  4. 4. New Age media Youtube Experien tial Marketin g Google Ads Print ad on fashion magazine TV ads Partnering with E-real estate website Social Media Make video content that hit emotional chord & try to make it viral on social media. Make prospects feel like in virtual home & allow them to design their home High end magazines like vogue, verve, versace TV ads targeting relatively older generation Feature our product with strategic partnership Promote ranking in google searches & show customized ads Strong presence on social media to tap younger population Availability at Multiple touch points gives better brand recall Brand Differentiation E-Commerce:  Own market based e-commerce portal & enlist on other portals.  Bundling Paints with E-Real estate websites selling portals Positioning  Offer personalised and experiential services  We will differentiate in positioning of our products. We will position it as an integral part of any occasion. Something which shall be changed at every occasion without hassles Dealers & extensive market reach:  Dealers have very good relationships with painters  Painters are the customers who make the decision for the consumer in most parts of India  More focussed on providing texture & feel experience for paint x Y A A A IN OUT Experience store Layout Brand Communication in New Age Media
  5. 5.  Habituated shopaholics.  Spread the word to others  Represent an ideal target for retailers  Adventurous Explorers and Shopping lovers form our online target segment  They are a small audience which has a share of approximately 54% of total online spend. Adventurous Explorers Shopping lovers  They believe online shopping is fun.  Opinion leaders for all things online Communication & Content Strategy  Retailers should nurture & cultivate them to be online community builders and shopping advocates.  They may be invited to write blog about our product  Exclusive media right to reporters  Customize their home virtually from past records & send them the samples Communication & Content Strategy  Retailers should nurture & cultivate them to be online community builders and shopping advocates.  Send personalized message via SMS/ Whatsapp & invite them for exclusive first look on fresh stock  Send them Ask them to write about us on social media & regularly update n new decorative tricks Positioning strategy to increase per capita consumption of paint Tagline: “Aap sapne sajao, Hum aapke sapno ko sajayenge” We will co-brand our new business & rope in new mascot. We will retain our current brand name Launch low price paint coat, that will be positioned as clothes for walls at different occasions We will guaranty 6-8 hour complete make over of room for someone special. Say on anniversary or Birthdays Position as a thrill & status symbol for party bees who like organizing party at homes Low Price paint for every occasion 30% 24% 19% 15% 5% 3% 3% 2% Online Shopper Segment Adcenturous Explorer Shopping Lover Business User Suspicious Learner Fearful Browser Shopping Avoider Technology Muddlers Fun Seekers New Positioning Strategy & Managing Online Customer Segment
  6. 6. Thank you !! 

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    May. 2, 2018

Team Vision Quest submission for Asian Paints Canvas 2015. Please provide your feedback & follow me for free ppts.


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