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Cscs (4)


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Cscs (4)

  1. 1. Group presentationTopic: Smart phonesBy: Zainab Aftab 15-10070 Narmeen Adnan 15-10094
  2. 2. Smart phones➔History of smart phones?➔How are smart phones different from cellphones?➔What makes it so smart?➔Do they have human like intelligence?➔Social problems arises due to the use ofsmart phones in young generation?
  3. 3. How they first become smart?➔ The first smart phone was developed by IBM and Bellsouth, which came out to the public in 1993.
  4. 4. ➔The first smart phone was like an enormousbrick one would expect from the firstphone/computer mash up➔Despite its appearance it was revolutionary andintroduced many modern features.➔It also had complete touch-screen baseinterface(3 inches on a diagonal with a resolutionof 160*293 pixels)➔Although this simon phone was not widelyadopted(the first widely adopted consumer smartphone was the koycera 6035)
  5. 5. Smart phones different from cell phones➔What is a mobile phone?➔A mobile phone is more frequently called a cellularphone.➔They provide voice communication,shortmessages,multimedia messages and newer phonesprovide web browsing.➔What is a smart phone?➔It is a combination of cell phones and PDA(personaldevice assistance)➔In conclusion we can say that a smart phone is morephone than PDA and a cell phone is more phone thananything else.
  6. 6. Smart enough!!! Apps➔ It allows you to make a Microsoft file.➔ It allows you to download apps,such as personal and business finance,handy personal assistance or well almost anything➔ Or it may allow you to edit photos,get driving directions via GPRS and create a playlist with digital tunes.
  7. 7. Operating systemA smartphone will be based on an operating system that allows it to run productivityapplications, such as the BlackBerry OS, the Palm OS, or Windows Mobile.
  8. 8. Software A smartphone will offer more than just anaddress book. It may allow you to create and edit Microsoft Office documents or manage your finances.
  9. 9. Web access➔More smart phones can access the web athigher speeds due to 3G and 4G and wi fisupport.➔Although not all smart phones have offer highspeed web access but they all offer some sort ofaccess.➔You can use your smart phone to browse yourfavorite sites.
  10. 10. Qwerty➔A smart phones includes a qwerty keyboard.➔This means they are laid out in the samemanner they would be on your computerkeyboard---not in the alphabetic order on the topof numeric keyboard where you have to tap thenumber 1 to enter A B and C.➔The keyboard can be hardware orsoftware(touch screen).
  11. 11. Messaging➔All cell phones can send and receive textmessages.➔A smart phone can sync your personal andmost likely your professional e-mail account.➔Some smart phones can handle multiple e-mailaccounts.➔Other include access to the popular instantmessages services,like AOLs AIM and Yahoo!!
  12. 12. Social problems arising due to smart phones● Excess use of smart phones on roads , while walking ,jogging and most annoyingly driving.● Less time for family this is like sitting with them but talking to people that are miles far away .● More busy in online social life than real social life
  13. 13. Artificial intelligence VS human intelligence➔Smart phones are made by humans so theycannot be smarter than us.➔But they are many dumb people we meeteveryday who are far far away fromtechnology.➔Despite they are dumb but they are smartenough to deal with their lives.