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120901 individial assigment on reporting system por narith


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120901 individial assigment on reporting system por narith

  1. 1. BUILD BRIGHT UNIVERSITY Stung Treng Campus, Cambodia MBA Program, Promotion IMVi Reporting System January to July 2012 Lectured by Pro Siv Vutthy Prepared by Por Narith, Student, STG BBU MBA
  2. 2. Contents1. Rational of Study2. Team Formulation3. Team’s Objectives4. Current Operation5. Performance Measurement6. Data Collection and Analysis, Interpretation7. Recommendation for improvement
  3. 3. 1. Rational of StudyReporting system play roles to ensure the project resultorientation.The trend of development in Cambodia has changed assome of these have flowed to other countries which werepoorer than Cambodia.With the limit fund for development, plenty of developmentorganisations in different countries have competed for fund todevelop in their countries.To be eligible for fund, all organisations have oriented thework quality results through many ways including reportingsystem.
  4. 4. 1. Rational of Study (Con’t) The reporting system helps staff including management level to manage their organisation better. The system is delivered through two main results. – Firstly, the system needs to provide the essential functionality to enable staff to easily and effectively perform their duties. – The second is to provide access to meaningful reports to make better organisation decisions.
  5. 5. 1. Rational of Study (Con’t) With its main contribution in improving work quality in particular staff performance; the reporting system is prioritised to study. The topic is selected as the process as below:  With three-year experiences with My Village Organisation in the position of Programme Manager, my roles and responsibilities focus on development management including policies, guideline including reporting system guideline.  I have discussed with MVi staff in some level to discuss some topics for the assignments and prioritise them. The results of the discussion are that the reporting system is prioritised by staff for study.  The secondary documents were reviewed and reflected with the real practices of staff in their work.
  6. 6. 2. Team Formulationa. Building teamFirstly, I have identified the staff members who are moreinvolved with reports in particular editing report.Then I have discussed with them the importance of studyand my interested in the topics of reporting system for them.With their available time, they volunteered to be membersof team to study the reporting system.We, team members, defined objective of study and the rolesand responsibilities of the team were defined as mentioned insection 4.The methodologies of the study were discussed asmentioned in section 5.
  7. 7. 2. Team Formulation (Con’t)b. Performing The team members have performed their roles and responsibilities above. Their roles and responsibilities are mentioned in the section 3. Their roles and responsibilities were framed from preparation, data collection, data analysis, study report writing, reflection and reflection.c. Reflection and Evaluation The gathered data was reflected and reviewed to make sure that the data is accurate. This was coordinated by Provincial Programme Coordinate and Programme Managers.
  8. 8. 2. Team Formulation (Con’t) The team members are responsible for different section in the study. The team designated consists of four members to study the process including  Mr. Por Narith, Programme Manager  Mr. My Baing, Stung Treng Programme Coordinator  Mr. Kung Am, Mondulkiri Programme Coordinator  Mr. Hok Sav, Kratie Senior Programme Officer The four staff members above have played main roles to coordinate team in program units in Stung Treng, Mondulkiri and Kratie provinces and they were also more involved with reporting in particular editing report and writing report with result orientation.
  9. 9. 3. Team’s Objectives• The objectives of the team were defined as below• Discuss the study objectives.• Discuss the roles and responsibilities of team.• Discuss the study methodologies.• Discuss and develop the schedule.• Develop study materials including questionnaires.• Test questionnaires.• Review questionnaires.• Coordinate the questionnaires for staff.• Collect information from staff.• Review the information in questionnaires to make sure that it accurate.• Entry data in Excel.• Review the data.• Analyse data.• Write study report.
  10. 10. 4. Current OperationWith the study of the team designated above, we havedesigned the structures for the reporting system in theorganisation as below: Report System StructurePlease link to Report System StructureTypes of Reports and ResponsibilitiesPlease link to Types of Report and Responsibilities
  11. 11. 5. Performance Measurement The indicators of qualities used to identify the appropriate performance measure included  Time Measurement  Quality and Satisfaction Measurement  Profiling  Economic Measurement
  12. 12. 5. Performance Measurement (Con’t) The questions of performance indicators are detailed below.  The questionnaires were developed by the study team with consultation with some staff.  Then the questionnaires were tested with some staff to make sure that all the questions were applicable.  The questions were sent to provincial programme coordinators for coordinating with team to complete the questionnaires.  After completion, the questionnaires were collected by provincial programme coordinators and sent back study team.  The information provided by staff was reviewed by study team.  Unclear information was clarified with team on the phones because they were far from us. The final information was entered in excel and imported to SPSS for analysis and interpretation as the draft report. The draft study finding report was verified with team through sending via mail. The draft report was finalised and this was distributed for team. The recommendation from the report finding was discussed to take action to improve in next time.
  13. 13. 5. Performance Measurement (Con’t) The information was gathered from all level of staff including  Field staff  Project supervisors  Technical working team  Indigenous people advisory groups  Management team The questionnaires for data collection Please links to questionnaires
  14. 14. 6. Data Collection and Analysis, Interpretation Time MeasurementPlease link to Time Management Quality and Satisfaction MeasurementPlease link to Quality and Satisfaction Measurement ProfilingPlease link to Profiling Measurement Economic MeasurementPlease link to Economic Measurement
  15. 15. 7. Recommendation for improvement To improve the process, I would provide recommendations as the following:  Review the forms of reports in order that they could not take more time for that.  Review existing report system through consultation with staff with all level.  Conduct orientation on reviewed report format guideline for staff in order that they could process correctly and smoothly to reduce their rework and maximize the economic effectiveness.
  16. 16. Thanks for Your Attention!!!