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Question 6


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Question 6

  1. 1. What have you learnt about the technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 4. Through out this course I have learnt and attained a number of different skills which helped me to create my music magazine. Most of the skills I learnt was on the Photoshop Software. On Photoshop I learnt to successfully manipulate images. For example I learnt how to crop images so that excess background that I did not need was cut out. I learnt how to resize images so that I could make them fit on the page . This also helped to organise the layout of my music magazine. I learnt how to blur out certain aspects of the images for example hair that was sticking out in random places so that the music artists looked professional. I also developed my skills on how to change the saturation of an image so that it fitted in with the rest of the magazine. In the preliminary task I only knew how to change the image from coloured to black and white. During the duration of creating my music magazine I learnt how to change the saturation of the image from coloured to a dark grey colour, this was so the image blended in with the rest of the magazine. As I further continued to use Photoshop my understanding of what the different editing tools developed thus I was able to manipulate images further so that they fitted in with the magazine’s genre as well as tie in with the layout. I feel that the skills and techniques attained during this course has benefited me in that if I later use Photoshop for later projects or coursework I will be able to transfer these skills into that. Although Photoshop had some barriers such as limited fonts I was able to overcome this by using a font website online to download the fonts that I wanted to use and then incorporate that into my music magazine.
  3. 5. In order to present my music magazine and all the research and evaluation that went alongside it I used the online storage space called Blogger. Blogger is a blogging website where basically everything that I have done as part of this task is uploaded and others are able to see what you have done. I used the blog to upload my preliminary task however I was not to confident in using it as I didn’t know how to arrange my work by dates and in chronological order. As I continued with making my music magazine I became more familiar on how to use a blog to display my work. However i came across a few difficulties when trying to upload the work that I did. For example I had images of pictures I rejected in my music magazine . Blogger would not let me upload all the images singly therefore I used another online storage space called Slide share which allowed me to upload all the images as one PowerPoint then from there I just uploaded the PowerPoint onto the blog. I did this for a lot of the evaluation tasks as well as the research as it made my blog clear to read and information was not all over the place. It also helped me to organise my work so that I knew where everything was therefore helped to create a structure and layout for my blog. For example all the research and planning is put together and the evaluation is grouped together. Before doing this task and my preliminary task I had not previously ever used a blog so the whole concept of using one to present my work was quite new to me. I feel that I have learnt a new way on how to present my work online as well as organisation and presenting skills.