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Custom tote bags


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Promotional tote bags get your message toted -- and touted -- everywhere your customers carry them.

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Custom tote bags

  1. 1. Promotional Tote Bags
  2. 2. Promotional bags get an average of 9000 impressions. At an average of $15 per bag, the cost per impression is $0.002. Custom bags are used an average of nine months. Promotional tote bags are the most popular custom bag style.
  3. 3. 90% can identify you-advertisers 57% keep it in the home 24% keep it in the office 15% keep it with them 4% keep it in the car
  4. 4. Get this durable promotional bag for under a dollar . It comes in vibrant colors to call attentions to your message.
  5. 5. Put an eco-friendly , stylish spin on your marketing with this laminated jute tote bag.
  6. 6. The ideal gift for the eco-minded individual, this earth friendly custom tote with matching roll up mat is sure to please. * 100% cotton canvas and straw come together to create a spacious tote with an outside pocket for accessories, outside straps to secure the mat and extra-long shoulder straps
  7. 7. Our most compact market tote bag made of durable and eco friendly material.
  8. 8. Want to put totes to work for your brand? Shop promotional tote bags and more at or call us at 310-989-8208