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Lawbore presentation new

  1. 1.  Learnmore is the essential guide to the legal world. It consists of articles, videos, tutorials and presentations. The website was created in 2007 by our well-known Law Librarian, Emily Allbon! The website is divided into six sections: careers, exams, moots, newbies, research and writing. Each section has vital information which can be used for your knowledge as well as future reference. Not only does Learnmore assist first year students in their studies, it also helps second and third year students with their career and research.
  2. 2.  The careers sections contains all the information you need from legal experience to future career decisions. As you are aware, it is significant to gain some legal experience if you are thinking of entering the legal world. So why not start off with Learnmore’s very own page on “It’s So Hard To Get Legal Experience... Help!” This is a very useful section for all year students studying the law degree, or even thinking of entering the legal world. It highlights the key skills needed to develop your career in law as well as distinguishing the difference between a Solicitor and Barrister (by far the most common question!)
  3. 3. The contents box is very nicely laid out! Paragraphs are easy to readEach heading easyto understand
  4. 4.  EXAMS EXAMS EXAMS!!! Yes, the most crucial as well as stressful part of your degree BUT! Not to fear, Learnmore is here. With its very own section on Exams you won’t feel like you’re on your own. It provides tips on how to revise, write and gain top marks for your exams. The information is clearly laid out with headings and paragraphs, making it easy to read and understand. This section will help easy pressure off your mind during your exams as you have an online guide which you can turn to at anytime.
  5. 5.  The Moots section has the most pages on the website! It contains vital information for students trying to understand what mooting is. The “Mooting Video Tutorial” page not only has written information clearly laid out, but also video tutorials showing demonstrations! This is very useful for students trying to get grips with mooting as the videos show clear step-to-step guidelines. On the next slide we will see how clearly the moots page is laid out, consisting of pages ordered alphabetically.
  6. 6. Alphabetically laid out Examples provided Clear titles naming Experienced each page student’s advice!
  7. 7.  This is the section that undergraduates will most likely be attracted to! A whole section for newbies is just what you need if you are new to the legal world or want information to get grips with Law. This section gives you information on how to get legal experience, key skills needed and how to study abroad! Not only does it provide information but it also allows you access to “Twitter for Lawyers” allowing you to ask questions whenever you need to! This on-going help is crucial as it is there for you during any time of your degree/career.
  8. 8.  Research – the most important aspect within Law. Fortunately, you have Learnmore to help you with each stage. Firstly, finding a specific law report/case/journal can be daunting! So open up the “Finding Stuff” page and ease your worries! This page is very beneficial as Emily shows you how to find specific books and why they are significant. As well as finding stuff, this section provides you with information on plagiarism (very important), reading and texts! Yes, unbelievably everything you could dream of within this very section!
  9. 9.  It is a well-known fact: if you are a Law student, you will be doing a lot of writing! So luckily, Emily has created a whole section on it! The first page of “Effective Note Taking” is beneficial to read as it shows you the difference between detailed notes and revision notes. We also learnt this in our first lecture with Sanmeet Kaur: “Do not write down everything the lecturer says!” In addition to note taking, the section also provides help with coursework. This page allows you to understand what you should and should not do in your coursework! The section is very helpful as it outlines tips needed for writing and essay competitions!
  10. 10.  Learnmore is a very easy-to-use website in which one can adapt to very quickly. The colours are neutral and information is laid out clearly underneath individual headings. Headings are arranged alphabetically making it easier to learn and absorb all the information provided. The six sections are easily accessible and carry vital information. It provides you with a lot of information regarding law, especially for first year students. They also relate to every aspect of law, e.g. varies form newbies to careers. The moots section is very helpful as it starts with the basics and explains what it is, then goes onto problems and solutions for developing your skills (accompanied by videos and examples). Learnmore also provides vital tips to students in dealing with the pressure of exams. This can also be accompanied by the section on Writing and Research which can be very helpful during exam and coursework periods.
  11. 11.  As fantastic as it already is, everything has room for improvement! Below are some of our suggestions: It would be very beneficial for Learnmore to have a section where students can ask questions and receive answers (from either lecturers or other current students). A page with current students giving tips and their opinions on any stage of their degree will be very helpful. This could vary from previous exam experiences to tips on how to achieve the best out of your degree. It would be helpful if Learnmore could offer a virtual online exam-like paper or various quizzes (multiple questions) testing your knowledge. This could be for any module or specific areas of Law. If possible, it would be very useful if Learnmore had a basic law dictionary available for students online.
  12. 12.  Overall, it is a very beneficial and very important website for each person wanting to study Law or gain further information. As a first year student it can be a useful guide for getting you through each stage of, not only, your first year but also your Law career. It does not just give you information but also provides you with a twitter page allowing you to ask questions whenever necessary, or even just to keep updated with current events. And, of course, thank you to Emily and everyone else who contributed to creating such a helpful website!