Hospital Information Management


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HMIS is an integrated Hospital management system, which addresses All requirements of hospitals. It is a powerful, flexible and easy to use application designed and developed to convey real conceivable benefits to hospitals and clinics which reduce the paper overload.

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  • First explain what a structure is
  • First explain what a structure is
  • First explain what a structure is
  • First explain what a structure is
  • First explain what a structure is
  • First explain what a structure is
  • First explain what a structure is
  • First explain what a structure is
  • First explain what a structure is
  • First explain what a structure is
  • First explain what a structure is
  • First explain what a structure is
  • First explain what a structure is
  • Hospital Information Management

    1. 1. Value Agenda Your hospital is dedicated to a single objective - to provide the best possible care for your patients. Yet the patient experience is very much defined by flow. Transportation, environmental services, and other support areas have a significant effect on patient flow and hospital management. • Paperless System that will reduce time for maintaining & Searching Data. • Easy to generate any Report based on available Intranet / online Information. • High level of secure data and well organized arrangement of data. • Multi-user system with better performance. • Can be easily changed to respond to changing needs. • Allows easier merging with upcoming technologies.
    2. 2. 1.INTRODUCTION • VS HMIS is designed to integrate the different manual systems existing in these organizations into a single efficient intranet system. • HIMS can integrate almost any type of services, systems, departments, clinics, processes, data, or communication that exists in a hospital. • HIMS design can even handle non-medical services and functions like security or maintenance. • All of HIMS functions and program modules are processed on the server side. • Hospital administrators would be able to significantly improve the operational control and thus streamline operations. • Parameter Base System • Dashboard.
    3. 3. 2.DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT Hardware & Software Configuration:- • Client Server Architecture: Backend: Oracle 10g Front End: ASP.NET 2.0 Reports: ASP.NET and Crystal Reports Windows 2003 / XP • Hardware Configuration:- Server Configuration: HP ProLiant ML350 G5 server Xeon series Quad core (2.33 GHz / 1335 FSB / 146*2 SASGb)--mirroring 5-u tower model 4 GB ram (2*2)
    4. 4. OROIN HMIS 2.1 Advantages of ORION HMIS
    5. 5. 3. MODULES
    6. 6. 3.1 OPD/CASUALITY Module:
    7. 7. Key Points • Patient Registration -Patient Name , Address , Age & Other General Information -Patient Category -OPD Details & unit Specification -Unique Patient ID (OPD Registration No) -Sticker Printing • Patient Visit History (Date Stamping) • MLC Case • Receipt Collection • OPD Registration No. Search facility • Statistics Reports - Total OPD collection ,Counter wise , OPD Wise, Patient Category wise , Gender Wise.
    8. 8. 3.2 IPD (Indoor Patient Detail)
    9. 9. Key Points • IPD Registration -Unique IPD NO will Generate based On OPD Registration NO. -IPD Registration according to patient category -Indoor -patients are directed to the respective wards. -IPD Sticker print -Ward Details • IPD Discharge: In this section / Form -Using IPD no we can search information about Patient. -Ward Details input with ward type and rate and calculating Diet Charge and Day Deduction. -There are two steps For Patient (1) Provisional Bill (if required) (2) Receipt. • IPD Registration Search Facility. • Statistic Reports - Total IPD Collection , Registration Collection , Patient Category wise , Counter wise & Others.
    10. 10. 3.3 ICCU: • ICCU Registration: After ipd registration, we can get information about patients which were admitted in ipd wards. By using ipd registration no ,ICCU Registration can be done.We can get information about no of patients which are under ICCU treatment of any doctor. • ICCU Discharge: Here we are entering data of patients which are discharge from ICCU wards or transfer to another ward.
    11. 11. 3.4 OT (Operation Theater): • OT (Operation Theater):The operation theater scheduling module handles the booking of the operation theater and its resources. This information is made available to all the locations to facilitate convenient booking of the OT. • OT Registration: Include Operation Name ,type (Major, Minor, Supra Major) & other general information from IPD Registration No. of Patient. • OT Discharge : Discharge information will be feel up along with Operation details.
    12. 12. 3.5 Lab Module: Lab Transaction Module is designed for lab service that provide by V.S General Hospital. Different types of test are done in different section for indoor and outdoor patients or referred patient. Key Points -Patient Investigation Registration -Investigation Management -Bi-Directional/Uni-Directional -Bulk Print -Investigation result Comparison -User Role based Department Covered (Bio Chemistry , Hematology , Microbiology) There is also Facilities for CS & Histopathology Reports.
    13. 13. Reports
    14. 14. 3.6 Stores:
    15. 15. Stores Module allows keeping track of various inventories. Inventory : • Item Group • Item Sub group • Item Master • Stock Master • Supplier Master Store Transactions Include: • Rate Sheet • Demand Form • Demand Approval • Order Form • Order Dispatch & Posting • Transaction -Declared Expired / Damaged goods -Issue to Department (MIN)-INDENT -Receipt From Department(Regular) -Receipt From Department(Damaged -Receipt From Supplier (MRN) -Receipt From Supplier Against Damaged Goods -Returned to Supplier(Damaged)
    16. 16. 3.7 Account: • Inward: In this module we are generating a unique identity of each file which consist vender information, budget information and employee information. This uniquely generated identity will use during full path of inward file up to payment. • Verification: With the help of this module we can verify status of the file, which is verified by which authority and on which day. • Audit: Authorities of the audit departments use this module to authenticate each inward file. Also they have rights to reject any file which has incomplete documents. • Re-appropriation: This module helps us to transfer money form one budget to the other required budget after permission granted from hospital authorities. • Approval: In this form user store approval information, approved by hospital authority which will use while we have to give any judgment. This is the last step to verify any documents before payment part.
    17. 17. 3.7 Account: • Payment: In this part system verify all steps which started from inward module. Also verify current balance and status of approved budget and cash/bank balance before giving money. • Receipt: In this module hospital accept currency from different personnel from different parts which is by mistake hospital paid. In this module like payment, we can transit currency in different budgets as per hospital requirements. • Journal/Contra Voucher: You can generate these types of vouchers as per accounting rule of Indian Government. • Report : -Advice No report , Inward , Budget Summery , Audit report & other MIS -Balance sheet -Trail Balance Sheet -Income / Expenditure , Payment-Receipt book -Account Ledger
    18. 18. 3.8 System Admin: • Setting Module: Various Master Data can be add as per the role definition form this module. (Like Department , Employee , Designation , Counter , Different Service & Charges , Ward , Patient Category Etc.) • Employee Form: New Employee registration & Can assign username & password. • User Roles: To different user we can assign rights to access different module of the system according to their role definition.
    19. 19. 3.9 Health Check Up: • Health Check Up Module Is designed for special service that provide by V.S General Hoapital.Its Exclusive service include BASIC PACKEGE , Exclusive Package & Optional Packages for Patient Body Check up. • Patient Registration. • Receipt collection. • Body check up Report print. • Periodical Collection Report / Packages wise collection Report.
    20. 20. 3.10 Dispensary :
    21. 21. - Inventory - Easy billing - Stock avability - Direct Integrated with Medical Store - FIFO Method - User based Reports : - Daily Invoice , Stock Master , Returned Medicine stock Key Points
    22. 22. Provident Fund (PF) Module is developed for Hospital & its employees PF Details. From the payroll file of hospital staff (FoxPro Based application) , we collect data & generate the PF sheet print from this module. Key Points :Paperless System that will reduce time for maintaining & Searching Data. • Employee Master , Pay Grade , Loan • Monthly PF Data integration from Specific file , Loan data , PF Slip Printing Reports - Yearly PF Amount (Ledger account wise) - Employee PF Status , Loan outstanding 3.11 PF Module :
    23. 23. PF Sheet
    24. 24. THANK YOU…