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PS Core Presentation


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This Presentation is PS Core (Packet Switch), which is useful for new Telecom Recruiters who just came in the market and our telecom Engineers

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PS Core Presentation

  1. 1. Hi, I am Narendra Singh Negi working with Net Consulting InternationalAs Senior Recruitment Consultant & Database Specialist from April 2009 to till now During this period I have grasped the telecomknowledge, so today I would like to share my Knowledge with all of you!
  2. 2. Simple Structure of Telecom Email (1)
  3. 3. This is a method of breaking data files into small packets or chunks in order to send them across a networkWhen we want to make a call to someone else then a dedicatedconnection is set up between us. While that cal is taking place betweenus have sole use of the telephone line no one else can use it. Once thecall is finished the connection is broken and the line becomes availablefor somebody else to use. The line is tied up for the whole length of thecall . This is called “Circuit Switch”.
  4. 4. Here you can see that to communicate 1st userto 2nd user we need Specifically network wire,and same we have to do with 3rd to 4th userThink after some time some other new userscome in network
  5. 5. Why we need Packet Switching How does it work Where it is used What are the AdvantageHow we can get rid off from 1 – 1 Network wiring
  6. 6. Equipment 1010101 01010 1010101 01010 010 01010 01010 010 0101010 01010 10101 010 Equipment
  7. 7. 010101010101 010101010101 010101010101 010101010110 1001001 1011010 Finally 1010 Equipment 1011010 1011010 get data 1010 1010 what theEach packet have a Unique Address firstCalled “IP” address Equipment 1011010 sent 1010 Collecting Packets and joining the 010101010101 1011010 1011010 data by using 010101010101 1010 1010 IP Address 010101010101 1011010 1011010 010101010110 1010 1010 1001001
  8. 8. This method works extremely well, Because if one branch gets toobusy or broken, then the packet are automatically routed anotherpath Instead.
  9. 9. Information send by 1st user and it is on A, if B path is busy information would gothrough the C path or C path is busy than it would go through the B path
  10. 10. Packet switching is used to optimize the use of the channelcapacity available digital telecommunication networkssuch as computer networked.It is tightest upper bound on the amount of informationthat can be reliably transmitted over a channel.To minimize the transmission latency (the time it takes fordata to pass across the network).To increase robustness of Communication.
  11. 11. The Radio Network Controller (or RNC) is a governingelement in the UMTS radio access network (UTRAN)and is responsible for control the Node Bs that areconnected to it. The RNC carries out radio resourcemanagement, some of the mobility managementfunctions and is the point where encryption is donebefore user data is sent to and from the mobile. TheRNC connects to the Circuit Switched Core Networkthrough Media Gateway (MGW) and to the SGSN(Serving GPRS Support Node) in the Packet SwitchedCore Network.
  12. 12. The Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) is a main component ofthe GPRS network. The GGSN is responsible for the interworkingbetween the GPRS network and external packet switchednetworks, like the Internet .The GGSN converts the GPRS packets coming from the SGSN intothe appropriate packet data protocol (PDP) format (e.g., IP) andsends them out on the corresponding packet data network. In theother direction, PDP addresses of incoming data packets areconverted to the GSM address of the destination user. The readdressed packets are sent to the responsible SGSN. Forthis purpose, the GGSN stores the current SGSN address of theuser and his or her profile in its location register. The GGSN isresponsible for IP address assignment and is the default router forthe connected user equipment (UE). The GGSN also performsauthentication and charging functions.
  13. 13. The Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) is a maincomponent of the GPRS Network, which heddles allpacket switched data within the network, ex the mobilitymanagement and authentication of the users.The SGSN perform the same function as the MSC. MSCThe Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) is a telephoneexchange that makes the connection between mobile userswithin the network, form Mobile users the public switchedTelephone network
  14. 14. If you need this Presentation in Animated PowerPoint slide write me email onabove given email address, Experience would be much Different