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Differentiation, next practices and superiority


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Differentiation, next practices and superiority

  1. 1. Differentiation, Next Practices and SuperiorityMy last article was on Zero Complaints. If you work on zero complaints, you willdifferentiate yourself in the marketplace.But you need to go beyond, and to differentiate your offerings, and be better thanyour completion on them. You need to be superior to them. And that is why youhave to forget about best practices and move to next practices crafted by you thatdistinguish you in the eyes of the Customer. And to do this you must know whatcreates Customer Value (and what attributes of your offering are critical to him).This becomes your Value Proposition.So what differentiates your company (just don’t think products (more features,facets, size, clout, reach etc.; these may not resonate with the customer)) in theeyes of the Customer over competition? Do you know? How do you build on these?Technology, products, processes and systems give a short lived edge, they can becopied and improved on. Mind set edges are very difficult to copy. Even price is ashort term differentiator, unless the competition is willing to let you die due to lowprices. Differentiators are people and their attitudes, trust, caring, emotional connect(Apple built a community of Apple lovers).Certainly price is a differentiator–absent anything else, it becomes the keydifferentiator. Let us go beyond apparent differentiators most of your competition willuse, and get to the next ones that customers notice and align with.Contact Customer Value Foundation to learn how Can you differentiate yourself andmaster the art of moving from Best Practices to Next Practices.Call any Time
  2. 2. Mob: (+91) 9971288580Gautam MahajanPresident-Customer Value FoundationM: +91 9810060368Tel: 11-26831226, Fax: 11-26929055email: mahajan@customervaluefoundation.comwebsite: http://www.customervaluefoundation.com_____________________________________________________________________Customer Value foundation (CVF) helps companies to Create Value and profit by Creating Value for the customers,employee and for each person working with the companies.Total Customer Value Management (TCVM) transform the entire company to focus on Creating Value for thecustomer by aligning each persons role in Creating Customer Value and getting shareholder wealth and Value.___________________________________________________________________