Conducting Effective Workplace Investigation Workshop


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Public Training Program on Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations, September 9-10, 2013 in Karachi.

This program adds to a PHR, SPHR, and GPHR certified professional HR knowledge in:

1) Issues of behavior in the workplace (for example, absences, discipline, workplace violence, or harassment)

2) Methods/procedures for investigating complaints or grievances in accordance with best practice and local laws

3) Local laws governing anti-discrimination and sexual harassment policies and investigation protocol for investigation of workplace harassment/discrimination issues

All participants receive a certificate of attendance. However, ‘Certified Workplace Investigator’ requires a post training assessment and minimum 70% passing marks on post-test.

Key Objectives:
• Learn how to effectively take complaints and conduct interviews
• Choose the right investigator
• Develop a successful road map to start an investigation
• Compiling and analyzing evidence
• Do’s and Don’ts in conducting an effective investigation
• Drafting an Investigation Report

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Conducting Effective Workplace Investigation Workshop

  1. 1. Growing  Businesses…Through  People     For  more  information,  contact  NarejoHR  at:,  (021)3530-­‐1060/61     Narejo  Human  Resources   • Participants will receive a toolkit of practical templates and forms to take back to the office and use on investigations. • A post-training, online certification exam is administered within 3 weeks of workshop completion.   Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations "This program has been submitted to the HR Certification Institute for review.” Rs.  25,000  per  participant   Group  Discount  10%  for  2+  nominations     Full  refund  for  nominations  withdrawn  3  working  days   before  the  workshop,  thereafter,  full  fee  is  payable.   Replacement  nomination  accepted  at  any  time.   Who Will Benefit: • Senior HR Professionals • HR Analysts • HR Mangers & Directors • HR Personnel • Managers & Supervisors • Employee Relations Professionals • Line Managers • Employment Managers/Specialists • HR Coordinators/Business Partners Key Take-Aways: • How to effectively take a complaint. • How to choose the right investigator. • How to develop a successful road map before you start the investigation. • Compiling and Analyzing Physical and documentary evidence • Do’s and don’ts in conducting an effective investigation • Drafting an Investigation Report 2-day Certification Workshop September 9-10, 2013 Karachi Marriott   When you receive an allegation of workplace harassment or discrimination or believe your organization has become a victim of fraud or theft - taking prompt action is your legal responsibility. But let's face it: most HR professionals or business owners have never had formal training in how to conduct investigations. And without having the proper skills in how to handle allegations in the workplace — and investigate them effectively — employees may feel their complaints are not taken seriously internally. Therefore, this course is a must-attend for those individuals that are responsible for employee relations. After all, is the time to learn how to do an investigation when you are suddenly faced with having to do one? Of course not. That's where our training can help! This in-depth certification workshop will teach you how to conduct a legally and psychologically effective workplace probe. Our expert will explain how to evaluate the scope of your internal investigation, how to document the steps you’ve taken along the way, and how to insulate your organization from a subsequent lawsuit. From fact finding to writing reports, this workshop will cover the do's and don'ts of conducting workplace investigations so you can gain the confidence to be an effective investigator.  
  2. 2. Growing  Businesses…Through  People     For  more  information,  contact  NarejoHR  at:,  (021)3530-­‐1060/61     Narejo  Human  Resources   Day  1:  Investigation  Basics   1  Workplace  Investigations:  An  Overview   The  Benefits  of  an  Effective  Investigation   Ten  Steps  to  a  Successful  Investigation   Common  Investigation  Mistakes—and  How  to  Avoid  Them     2  Getting  Started   Discovering  Workplace  Problems   Decide  Whether  to  Investigate   Take  Immediate  Action,  If  Necessary   Choose  the  Investigator   Plan  the  Investigation     3  Gather  Information   Get  Started  Right  Away   Conducting  Interviews   Gathering  Other  Evidence   Follow-­‐Up  Interviews     4  Make  and  Document  Your  Decision   Evaluate  the  Evidence   Decide  Whether  Misconduct  Occurred   Take  Action   Document  Your  Decision/Follow  Up     Day  2:  Investigating  Common  Workplace  Problems   Scenario-­‐based  Practicum   5  Investigating  Discrimination   What  Is  Discrimination?  (Appraisal,  Promotion,  Selection...)   Ten  Steps  to  an  Effective  Discrimination  Investigation       6  Investigating  Harassment   What  Is  Harassment?   Ten  Steps  to  a  Successful  Harassment  Investigation     7  Investigating  Workplace  Theft   How  Employees  Steal   Ten  Steps  to  a  Successful  Theft  Investigation     8  Investigating  Threats  and  Violence   Threats  and  Violence  in  the  Workplace   Ten  Steps  to  a  Successful  Investigation  of  Violence     Investigation   Toolkit       All  participants  receive:     Workplace  Policies   Complaint  Policy     Open-­‐Door  Policy   Anti-­‐harassment  Policy   Antiviolence  Policy     Forms  and  Checklists   Complaint  Reporting  Form   Investigation  Notice  Form   Investigation  Report  Form   Adverse  Action  Notice  Form   Checklist:  Ten  Steps  to  a   Successful  Investigation   Checklist:  Avoiding  Common   Investigation  Mistakes   Document  Checklist   Credibility  Checklist   Discipline  Checklist   Investigation  Report   Checklist     Sample  Investigation   Documents   Complaint  Reporting  Form   Interview  Template   Investigation  Report   Written  Warning   Investigation  File   Facilitator     Rahila Narejo With over 15 years of experience, Rahila is a Behavioural Science graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles, Rahila is a Psychometrician, certified by the British Psychological Society. She is also certified by Palladium Kaplan- Norton as a Balanced Scorecard Certified Professional. Since 2006, she has been writing DAWN Newspaper’s widely read weekly advice column called Workplace Sanity.