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A presentation I delivered in Sharjah, UAE at the Albatha Learning Fair on January 21, 2012. Rahila Narejo

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  1. 1. Learning | Consulting | Assessment¡ NarejoHR,     § Established  2002   § Service  Offerings  ¡ Rahila  Narejo   § Chief  Executive  &  Lead  HR  Consultant,  NarejoHR  (Pvt.)  Ltd.     § Psychobiologist,  Univ.  California,  Los  Angeles     § Psychometrician,  British  Psychological  Society   § Certified  Balanced  Scorecard  Professional,  Palladium  Group   § Columnist,  Workplace  Sanity  
  2. 2. What’s  My    
  3. 3. Our  4  Styles   Analyzes InfersTHINKER   Quantifies Imagines Speculates LEADER   Is logical Is critical Take risks Is realistic Is Impetuous Likes numbers Breaks rules Knows about money Likes surprises Knows how things work Is curious / Plays Take preventive action Is sensitive to others Establishes procedures Likes to teach Gets things done Touches a lot Is reliable Is supportive Organizes Is expressive Is neat Is emotional Timely Talks a lot Plans FeelsSUPPORTER   NETWORKER  
  4. 4. TASK, Thoughts CEREBRALSLOW, FAST,Indirect LEFT RIGHT Direct LIMBIC PEOPLE, Feelings
  5. 5.  Be  Versatile:  ¡  Posture  and  movements:   Fast/Slow  ¡  Tone:  Loud/Soft  ¡  Speed  of  voice:  Fast/Slow  ¡  Same  type  of  language:   Think/Feel  ¡  Same  focus:  Task/People