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  • AudiencePro is a first-of-its kind platform that allows precise targeting based on demographics, spending power, network usage history, location, content relevance & device specific data allowing advertisers to reach exactly the audience they want.
  • Inventory to Audience

    1. 1. INVENTORY TO AUDIENCEThe Next Wave of Mobile Advertising
    2. 2. Mobile is BIG, do you thinkit still needs evangelizing?
    3. 3. Youth in Indiasuffer fromNomophobia45%How didyou feelwhen youlost yourmobile?73%PANICKED14%DESPERATE7%SICKSources: Androidguys, TRAI, MGM Medical College study findings
    4. 4. 450 MNInternet ReadyDevices650 MNMobile PhoneUsers in India80%Teledensity inthe CountryNo Need to Evangelize anIndispensible Medium!
    5. 5. Is the User Getting SmarterOr the Device?
    6. 6. What is a smartphone ?Anything that does more than calls?Smart is relative.. Smarter than the lastversion
    7. 7. The big question?Is user getting smarter and devices arecatching up?OrDevices getting smarter and usersadapting?
    8. 8. Introducing India’smobile-native generation41%40%39%Cheaper than using a computerMobile is the only way to access InternetConvenient when away from computerEasier than using a computer 32%Mobile is becoming the Primary Screen
    9. 9. 52% Mobile internet usage in India happens inNokia devices26% Mobile internet usage in India happens inSamsung Devices13% Mobile internet usage in India happens inunknown device - micromax, carbon, etc.,ces: Economic Times Article January 2013
    10. 10. • How do we plan our media?• How will our plan encompassthis variety of users?• Questions:
    11. 11. Audience Vs. InventoryWhat are you looking for?
    12. 12. MoreInterestedin thePERSON thantheDEVICE
    13. 13. Multiplicity of UsersNot necessarily represented bythe device they carryIndia is a peculiar market –used or second-hand
    14. 14. A New Handset is Usedfor around 1 YearA Used Handset Sells forabout 50% of its Purchase PriceIn Rural India, a Used Handsetcosts around Rs.1,000Source: Economic Times
    15. 15. Heera Panna in MumbaiCP in DelhiMany more like these…One of the most sold devices in used markettoday are dual sim, touch & type devices.Music enabled. 75% of them are sold in Tier2-3 cities.Would they be the right TG for yourbrand?
    16. 16. App Usage is Booming,Are you Leveraging this Trend?
    17. 17. Apps are the drivers of Internet usage onmobileThere are apps for everythingThey are the stepping stones of contentconsumption
    18. 18. Source:,, intomobile.com100mnApp downloads per monthfrom the OVI store in India3rd India ranks in no. of Appdownloads in the world
    19. 19. Mobile Offers the Most EngagingFormats, are you using all?
    20. 20. Multiplicity in form factorsHow do we unify communication?
    21. 21. Get Singularity in communicationDelivered differently
    22. 22. IntuitiveAdvertisingTouch Click Scratch Drag PinchTaking brand experience on mobile to adifferent height
    23. 23. HIGH CONVERSIONSource:,, intomobile.com66% of users that click through a Rich Media adto a video will complete that interactionHIGH eCPM for DevelopersFull-screen ads earn developers and publishers 500%more eCPM than banner adsHIGH ENGAGEMENT100% share of voice on full-screen ads
    24. 24. Wayforward…
    25. 25. Quadrangle of Mobile AdvertisingTech EnabledTrackingAudienceTargetingAd FormatContent &Context
    26. 26. Understanding your Audience can helpoptimize your offering for the Market
    27. 27. Current TargetingModelAudience TargetingAudiencePro™
    28. 28. Audience SampleGENDER:MaleAGE:18-30 YearsSUBSCRIBER:PrepaidSubscriberInformationUsageInformationRight TargetAudience!OS :AndroidINTEREST:Mobile GamesLOCATION:MetrozADVERTISER
    29. 29. Rich Media Ad Formatsto Keep Users EngagedMore than just Movement or Multiple Clicks
    30. 30. EngagementRedefined360 swipe Form Fill Video
    31. 31. Tech-enabled TrackingCross Platform Solution
    32. 32. Tech Enabled Tracking - Cross-Platform SolutionMuch beyond clicksEngagements SwipeTouchDragVideo ViewFacebook LikeTweetExpandMany more
    33. 33. Audience that doesmore than just calling
    34. 34. A BETTER BRAND SOLUTIONAND USER EXPERIENCETech EnabledTrackingAudienceTargetingAd FormatContent &Context
    35. 35. Where does that leave usMobile is bigIt is marred with multiplicityMobile Media planning is complexToo many permutations and combinations
    36. 36. 3 TipsFocus on the User – not deviceData Data Data – telecom and media dataBalance Reach vs Engagement
    37. 37. Narayan MurtyGM - Global 9930427049
    38. 38. QUESTIONS?