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Spring introduction


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Spring Framework

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Spring introduction

  1. 1.  Framework, Java Frameworks  Spring Framework  Dependency Injection  Spring Features  Spring Modules  Containers  Application
  2. 2.  Framework is a special software that provides abstraction layer on core technologies and simplifies application development process by generating the common logics of application dynamically.  Java Frameworks - ORM F/W - Web F/w - Java-Jee F/w
  3. 3.  Spring is and open source, light weight, loosely coupled, aspect oriented, dependency injection based java - jee framework software to develop all kinds of java, jee applications by getting abstraction layer on java, jee core technologies.
  4. 4.  If underlying container or framework s/w or server s/w or runtime environment dynamically assigns or injects values to our resources of the application then it is called as “Dependency Injection”.  If the resource of the application is explicitly spending time to search and gather dependent values from other resources, then its called „Dependency Lookup”.
  5. 5.  Light weight technology  Supports POJO, POJI model programming  Loosely coupled  Support for server managed services, and also provides built in services  Aspect Oriented programming  Can develop all kinds of apps, all kinds of logics  Provides abstraction layer over ORM, Web Frameworks.
  6. 6.  Provides light weight built-in containers  Provides abstraction layer over Junit testing  Provides abstraction layer over different distributed technologies like RMI, EJB, WebServices (REST), Hessian & Burlap to develop business components and distributed apps  Provides springs own distributed technology “HttpInvoker”.
  7. 7.  Spring Core Module  Spring DAO  Spring ORM  Spring AOP  Spring Web  Spring Web MVC  Spring JEE/ Context
  8. 8.  Container is a S/w Application or a java class that can take care of the whole life cycle of given resource.  Eg: servlet container, Spring Container  2 built-in Spring Containers - BeanFactory - Application Context
  9. 9.  Spring Interface  Spring Bean class  Spring Configuration file  Client Application