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Uni sannio courses


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Uni sannio courses

  1. 1. University of Sannio Courses The Faculty of Engineering of University of Sannio is offering the following first and second level (master) degrees : - Energetic Engineering (Ingegneria Energetica), first and second level degree, covering all the issues related to energetic sources, green energetics, energy saving, thermodynamics, heat transmission, environmental control, production and industrial management, Quality. - Information engineering (Ingegneria Informatica), first and second level degree, related to computer sciences, software engineering, software programming, computer networks, electric and electronic measurements, production informatics. - Automation Engineering (Ingegneria dell'Automazione), second level degree, covering the aspects of control engineering, automation, digital controls, industrial management, electric and electronic measurements - Telecommunication Engineering (Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni), first and second level degree, covering all the aspects related to communication technologies, radio waves, digital telecommunications, signal processing. Details on courses, contents, programs and related number of credits can be found here (please select the English section):