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Wasamundi presentation - Barcamp Cameroon 2011


Published on for small and medium sized enterprises and the future of

Published in: Technology, Design
  • And they launched publicly yesterday! Personally I'm not sure what the team will be launching next. May be in the presentation, may be not.
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Wasamundi presentation - Barcamp Cameroon 2011

  1. 1. Wasa me, small andmedium sized enterprises and the future of
  2. 2. a venuefor people, for entities: Moving with you!
  3. 3. It’s all about you!First url-shortener by Cameroonians In 3 months, Routed, more than 10,000 urls Shortenned more than 1000 urlsBut, ………………….
  4. 4. Why address?-website Home, About, Contact, Photo Gallery-ratings, talk Customer relationship enhancement, full control of content, analytics and set your-share everywhere theme + template.-third partydevelopers Developers can develop templates
  5. 5. Bonus (wasa me +) design: dotCom Creative IT Serviceswith 5 free prestigious wasa me cards
  6. 6. a web IDStylish, personalized and easy to recall easier than a phone number ;) Take have full control!
  7. 7. Preview the new Wasa me page.
  8. 8. the future hostel wasamarket texto me
  9. 9. the future wasamundipeople entities sms moving with you ! :)
  10. 10. launchingNovember 5thchariot hotel buea
  11. 11. Find us