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Choosingtherightpoliticalmodelforpakistan 130118125219-phpapp02


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Choosingtherightpoliticalmodelforpakistan 130118125219-phpapp02

  1. 1. A paradigm shift
  2. 2. The Birth of Pakistan & itsObjective Whereas sovereigntyover the entire universebelongs to AllahAlmighty alone and theauthority which He hasdelegated to the State ofPakistan, through itspeople for beingexercised within thelimits prescribed by Himis a sacred trust…..
  3. 3. A dialogue betweenQuaid e Azam & AllamaShabbir Ahamad Uthmaniabout The constitutionof Pakistan.
  4. 4. The sacrifice oflife/property/honor by millions forIslamic State of Pakistan