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Using iPads to Implement the ccss in Math


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Favorite math apps that align to the CCSS in math

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Using iPads to Implement the ccss in Math

  1. 1. Using iPads to implement the CCSS in Math August 2013
  2. 2. Counting, Cardinality, & Number Lines Park math hd by duck duck moose Subitizing flash cardsNumber lines – school edition Motion math – hungry guppy 10 frame fill Numberline frog Giggle ghosts by busy bee Counting with the very hungry caterpillar
  3. 3. Fact Fluency – Addition & Subtraction Teach me - kindergarten Mathmateer 1st grade math splash – math worksheets Mathtapper find sums math Monkey drills - addition Math word problems – grade 1 Math magicArithmetic invaders Math bingo games – racing games Math blaster – hyper blast Math bingo Mathboard Sums stacker Monkey drills - subtraction
  4. 4. Fact Fluency- Multiplication & Division Mathmateer Math blaster – hyperblast 2 Numbers league Marble math Operation math 3rd gr. Math – summer review Mystery math town Math ninja hd Grand prix multiplication Drag race division Itooch math – 5th grade Multiplication division 3-4 Sushi monster Grade 4 multiplication Math games – math vs zombies
  5. 5. Place Value – Numbers in Base 10 Place value mab Hands on math hundreds chart Base ten number blocks Common core number operations Base ten manipulatives Hands on math base ten blocks Stamp game Number pieces by math learning Math galaxy whole numbers Every value has it place Chocolate chip cookie factory Math bugs Make change money counting Count by tens
  6. 6. Fractions Jungle fractions Tony fraction pizza shop Mathtappers – estimate fractionsFraction monkeys Oh no fractions! Curious hat Match the fraction Pizza fraction beginning Pearl diver Fraction monkey math game Fractions smart pirate Motion math Mathtappers - equivalents
  7. 7. Mathematical Practices App Overview Ways to Use Screenchomp Video overview Ideas Probability idea Show Me Video Overview Classroom Ideas Geometry idea Multiplication Skitch Video Overview Ideas Multiplication Stories Haiku Deck Video Overview 2D stories Explain Everything Video Overview Classroom Ideas