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Using iPads for Beginners


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Overview of basic iPad functions

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Using iPads for Beginners

  1. 1. Introduction to iPads August 2013
  2. 2. Intro to iPads iBook
  3. 3. Basics: Home Button
  4. 4. On/Off & Volume
  5. 5. Opening and Closing Apps • Open an App: Touch it • Close it: Press the Home Button
  6. 6. Organizing Apps • Tap and hold on any app • Move them when the wiggle • Drag apps on top of each other to create folders • Tap the home button when done
  7. 7. Docking an App • Hold your finger on the app until it wiggles • Drag the app to the very bottom • Tap the home button
  8. 8. Switching between Apps/Closing Apps Switching between Apps • Double tap the home icon • Click on another app in the bottom tray that appears • Double tap the home button Closing an App Completely • Hold your finger on the app you want to close until it wiggles • Press the red circle with the white minus sign • Press the home button
  9. 9. Keyboards Switch to #’s Hide keyboard
  10. 10. Copy & Paste
  11. 11. Basics: Wifi Settings
  12. 12. Zoom • Open Safari • Go to a web site • Put two fingers on the screen; drag them apart and pinch them together to zoom in; spread them apart to zoom out
  13. 13. Search
  14. 14. Screen Shot
  15. 15. Guided Access • Click the video to see how to “lock” an iPad so that students cannot get out of an app – Settings – General – Accessibility – Guided Access • Additional directions/uses
  16. 16. Additional Resources • Check out our wiki: •