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Condos – Myths and Psyche


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Condominiums are luxury dwelling units that most of us are familiar with. When the word “luxury” enters a sentence, spoken or otherwise, something immediately clicks in our minds. Read more.

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Condos – Myths and Psyche

  1. 1. Article 2: CONDOS – MYTHS AND PSYCHE Condominiums are luxury dwelling units that most of us are familiar with. When the word “luxury” enters a sentence, spoken or otherwise, something immediately clicks in our minds. We paint a picture of lavish colors and interiors, high walls and a lot of glass, state-of-the-art appliances, among other things, as the definition of luxury. While this is true, it is only half the fact. Luxury, of course, is symbolized by all those things, it is a relative term. It is not absolute. Sometimes, vernacular factors also affect the definition of luxury. New construction condos are coming up around the globe like mushrooms, and they are all luxury. Yet, not one of them is alike. The myth that luxury is defined by a fixed set of commodities and interiors is wrong – because if this was true, then all the condos around the globe would be almost similar. Luxury is also defined by design. The architecture, quality and finishing of construction, interplay between elements of the residence and the feelings it induces in the human psyche. Luxury real estate has a lot to live up to these days, and condos are no exception, because their very inception was in the context of lavish lifestyle. The second myth that one comes across is that condos are meant only for the high and mighty. Mind you, you couldn’t have been more wrong. The mentality of this world is opening up now, and the old standards of stereotypical origins are fading away. You’d find more diversity in the peoples of condos than you’d find in duplexes and apartments – and that’s saying something. Singles seeking independence and non-interference, families, couples, students, senior citizens, party animals – name the breed, condos have it. Luxury not being defined by commodities, and being based on quality of life, has caused a major shift in its dwellers too. A middle class family ten years ago would rather move into a duplex than in a condo, thanks to all these myths. What families are more worried about is that they’ll have to stop hosting gatherings once they move into a condo, for the fear of disturbing other residents, or for other reasons. This is not true. Most condos offer surprisingly gathering-friendly construction, to say the least. One more myth that surrounds beach homes is that they are only meant for holidaying. It cannot be helped that beaches are the favorite destination for holidaying, and beach condos just happen to be there. Most frequently, they get used as holiday homes, because most locals reside inside the city, and not on the edge of the ocean. This does not mean that beach condos can only be used that way. If not anything else, having a home in beach condominiums gives you the chance of socializing with people from other cities and countries all the time. For a person who loves meeting new people, there couldn’t have been a better place to live. To know more about Bonita Springs new construction, visit ABOUT THE AUTHOR Raymond Jenkins is an expert in Florida real estate who also loves writing interesting articles and blogs, helping people in picking out the right property to invest their precious income in. He recommends as the name to trust if you are looking to buy new construction homes in Naples, FL.