Ci 350 unit --day 1!!


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Ci 350 unit --day 1!!

  1. 1. Katie Napier CI 350 Harold Blanco 29 September 2013 Day One: Introduction to the Colonies I. Analyze the Learners: There are twenty-two students in my fourth grade class (three of whom are African American). Overall, thirteen of my students are girls, and the other nine are boys. In addition, all of my students are between the ages of eight and nine. In order to accommodate for the learning styles of each of my students, I will incorporate a variety of teaching methods (such as: cooperative group projects, visual aids, songs, role play, etc.). II. State Objectives:My fourth grade students will describe aspects of colonial life and willcompare and contrast specific cultural elements of the colonial time period with the group projects by the end of the day with 95% accuracy. III. Selecting Methods, Material, and Media:In order to complement the different learning styles of my students, I will utilize the following methods, media, and materials throughout this lesson: Smart Board: I will utilize the smartboard throughout this lesson to display pictures, maps, and other visual aids Second Life:The students will utilize the computer lab to access a colonial settlement that I will create on Second Life. Google Images: I will utilize Google Images to display maps of England and the thirteen colonies to my class. Pinterest: I will display images of colonial attire retrieved from my Pinterest account.
  2. 2. Facebook: For homework, the students will access the class Facebook page to leave a brief comment regarding the virtual tour of Colonial Williamsburg. Poster Materials (markers, poster board, glue scissors): The students will work together to create a collage that depicts the aspects of colonial life. IV. Utilizing Media and Materials:Before the lesson, I will check that all electronic devices are working properly (such as the smart board, class computers, etc.). In addition, I will also preview all websites that will be utilized (such as: my colonial settlement on Second Life). Furthermore, I will place all of my visual aids in an area that is easily accessible, and I will arrange the desks into pods so that the children will be able to work in cooperative learning groups. In addition, I will also store the poster supplies on a table in the back of the room (which should ultimately function to minimize distractions during the lesson). Finally, I will reserve the computer lab so that each student will be able to participate in the virtual tour of a colonial settlement on Second Life. V. Require Learner Participation:In order to capture the interest of my students, I will inform the children that the class will be traveling “back in time” to visit the thirteen original colonies. At this point, I will provide my students with background information regarding England and the thirteen colonies; thus, I will utilize Google Images to display maps of these regions. Once these maps have been presented to the class, I will inform the students that the culture of the colonists greatly differ from our culture today. To illustrate this fact, I will display pictures of colonial attire that I have achieved from my Pinterest account. I will then engage my students in a class discussion regarding the differences
  3. 3. between colonial attire and modern-day apparel.Finally, in order to complete our journey back in time, the class will utilize the computer lab so that each student can access a colonial settlement that I will create on Second Life. Once the students have explored this site, I will begin a class discussion concerning colonial life. (Possible discussion questions could include the following: How did the colonists dress? Was their attire similar to today’s clothing styles? What did the colonists eat? What were the typical occupations of the colonists? Are these occupations still around today? What was their typical mode of transportation?)Finally, I will divide the students into groups so that the children can complete their “Then and Now” collages. For this assignment, each group will be assigned a particular topic and will be required to create a collage that compares and contrasts a specific aspect of colonial society with that of today’s culture (by utilizing information gathered from class discussions, visual aids, and virtual tours). Group topics may include: transportation differences, clothing differences, occupational differences, and entertainment differences. Once the children have successfully completed these group projects, each group will be asked to briefly describe their findings to the class. For homework, the students will be instructed to access the class Facebook page in order to post a brief comment regarding their experience with Second Life. This will provide me with feedback concerning student interest and involvement. VI. Evaluate and Revise:In order to assess learner comprehension and achievement, I will: Stimulate class discussion.
  4. 4. Walk around the room to ask questions and to check that all children are actively participating. Check that all collages contain a minimum of 5-6 facts regarding the similarities and differences of colonial culture and present-day life. Require that all students within a group actively participate during group presentations.