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Ci 350 unit 4


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Ci 350 unit 4

  1. 1. Katie Napier CI 350 Harold Blanco 11 November 2013 Day Four: Declaration of Independence I. Analyze Learners: Overall, there are twenty-two students in my fourth grade class (thirteen of whom are girls, and the other nine are boys). In addition, there are three African American students in my classroom, and all of my students are between the ages of eight and nine. Due to the diverse learning styles featured within my class, I will incorporate a variety of teaching methods (such as: cooperative group projects, visual aids, songs, role play, etc.). II. State Objectives: My fourth grade students will identify and describe key ideas presented within the Declaration of Independence through the utilization of videos, podcasts, group projects, andclass discussionby the end of the day with 95% accuracy. III. Selecting Methods, Material, and Media: In order to accommodate for the various learning styles of my students, I will utilize the following methods, media, and materials throughout this lesson: Video:I will utilize the smartboard throughout this lesson to display a video clip that I created to describe our group projects that will be completed at the end of this lesson. Podcasts: In this podcast, the children will listen to a portion of the book entitled: The Story of the Declaration of Independence by Norman Richards.
  2. 2. Group Projects: The students will work together to create their own Declarations of Independence that expresses why they believe the colonists should be free from British rule. Materials for Project: The materials for the group project include: chart paper, cups, paper towels, tea, black markers, cookie sheets, and sponge brushes. Facebook: Each groupwill utilize class iPads to upload a picture of their creations onto our class Facebook page. Underneath their group pictures, students will be required to place a comment describing the key elements of the Declaration of Independence (which must be written in their own words). IV. Utilizing Methods and Materials: Prior to class, I will check that such electronic devices as the class computer and smart board are working properly so that the students will be able to watch the video and listen to the podcast that will be utilized in this lesson. Furthermore, I will make sure that the student area is arranged into pods so that the children can easily complete the group project that will be assigned. In addition, all necessary materials (such as chart paper, cups, markers, sponge brushes, iPads, etc.) will be located at the supply station in the back of the room; this will enable all students to easily access needed materials. V. Require Learner Participation:In order to introduce this lesson, I will remind the students that many of the colonists were displeased with the legislation and policies that were being implemented by England. At this point, I will ask
  3. 3. the students to provide examples of such “unjust” legislation (discussed in previous lessons). Once the students have had the opportunity to express their thoughts, I will inform the students that we will be listening to a podcast that describes the major components of the Declaration of Independence. After listening to mypodcast, the students will be divided into cooperative learning groups. In these groups, the students will be asked to create their own version of the Declaration of Independence which must describe a minimum of five reasons why they (as American colonists) desire to secede from Great Britain. In order give these projects an authentic look, the students will watch the video that I created describing how to utilize tea, cookie sheets, and ingenuity to give a document an antique appearance. Once the students have completed these projects, each group will utilize a class iPad to upload a picture of their declarations onto the class blog. Under these pictures, each group will place a comment describing the key principles presented in the Declaration of Independence. VI. Evaluate and Revise:In order to assess student comprehension, I will: Stimulate class discussion .Circulate around the room to check that all students are actively involved in their cooperative learning groups. Check that each group’s declaration describes a minimum of five reasons why they (as colonists) should be free from British rule.
  4. 4. Ask students to identify and describe the major components of the Declaration of Independence that were discussed in class. Ask the students to identify the key leaders that were involved with the creation of this document. Check that each Facebook comment accurately describes the major principles presented in the Declaration of Independence