Ci 350 photoshop


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Ci 350 photoshop

  1. 1. Katie Napier CI 350 Harold Blanco 17 October 2013 Photoshop Assignment Project 1: In order to complete this assignment, I utilized a tutorial from as well as a combination of tutorials on YouTube thatexplained how to manipulate text and add layers. Thus, Ifirst selected a sea-themed background. Then, I utilized the ellipse shape tool to draw a path for the text that I was going to include. Once I centered my path on the background layer, I selected a font and began typing the phrase that I wished to incorporate. I then highlighted my text and selected the color for my text from the color of a reef in the background. At this point, I found three sea creatures---all with white backgrounds. I then went added each image as a separate layer and made sure that their resolutions matched. Once I stretched and maneuvered these pictures using the free transform tool, I utilized the magic wand to erase their white backgrounds. At this point, I found a picture of a sand castle, and I utilized the gradient tool to fade it into the background. Finally, I utilized the bevel and emboss tool to add a creative flair to my text. Project 2: For this project, I decided to incorporate an idea from my unit plan. Thus, I decided to create a visual aid that would display images and text that related to George Washington. In order to complete this assignment, I utilized a variety of tutorials, including the ones mentioned previously. I first began by selecting the images that I wished to incorporate. I then utilized the bridge tool to keep all of my pictures together. In addition, I made sure that all images had matching resolutions. At this point, I decided to apply a background that resembled colonial paper in order to give the poster an aged appearance.Next, I selected a patriotic image that I decided to use as a frame for George Washington’s portrait. However, this image had a white background that needed to be removed. Thus, I utilized the magic wand tool in order achieve the look that I desired. At this point, I selected the free transform toolso that I could stretch the image to the desired size. Once all of these pictures were properly arranged, I then utilized the gradient key to add a faded appearance to the portrait of George
  2. 2. Washington. Next, I placed a title in the top center of my poster which I then warped. Finally, I incorporated a brief quote from Washington which I added to the bottom of my poster.