Ci 350 new assure assignment


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Ci 350 new assure assignment

  1. 1. Kayla Napier CI 350 Harold Blanco December 6, 2013 Assure Method Assignment I. Analyze Learners:The students that I will be teaching are first grade students in Special Education. There are ten boys and seven girls. Seventy percent are white, twenty percent are African-American, and ten percentare Hispanic. Seven students in the class have mild to severe ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).Each of my students will have different learning styles; thus I will incorporate a variety of teaching strategies and methods throughout this lesson. II. State Objectives: My first grade students will recite the months of the year in sequential order by utilizing role-play, songs,podcasts, QR codes,calendars, and interactive smartboard activities with 95% accuracy by the end of the week. III. Selecting Methods, Material, and Media:Throughout the lesson, I will utilize the following methods, media, and materials: Songs/Videos: To teach the sequence of the months, I will display a music video on the classroom smartboard, entitled TheMonths of the Year Song by Hoopla Kids. Interactive Smart Board Activity: I will use the classroom smart board for the children to play an interactive game in which they must place the months of the year in sequential order. Podcast: I will play a podcast of the book: The Turning of the Year by Bill Martin, which describes facts about each month, such as characteristics of that month, important holidays, and seasonal activities.
  2. 2. QR codes: These codes will be linked to various seasonal pictures. The students will then have to identify which image best describes each month (For example, a pumpkin will represent October and a Christmas ornament will represent December, etc.) Digital Story/Role-playing: As one of my methods,I will allow my students to role-play various activities or traditions that they and their families participate in each month, and I will video tape their performances.I will then upload this digital story to the class Facebook page. IV. Utilizing Medias and Materials: Before the lesson, I will preview all materials and electronic devices that will be used throughout the lesson. Thus, I will test the podcast, preview the music clip, and check to make sure the smart board is working properly. In addition, I will also place QR codes around the room, and have iPads easily accessible for this activity. Finally, I will leave plenty of space at the front of the classroom so that the students can experience learning through role-play and other interactive techniques. V. Require Learning Participation:In order to encourage student participation, I will begin the lesson by asking if any of the students have a birthday in August. We will then locate that particular month on the interactive smart board calendar. Next, I will display a video clip to teach the names and sequence of the months through song (which will appeal to my audio/video learners). To test their knowledge,I will display a smartboard activity that has all twelve months listed at the bottom of the screen. Volunteers must then to try to place the scrambled months in sequential
  3. 3. order. Next, I will play a podcast that will supplement as our read aloud describing each month and its various characteristics. Then to apply this material, I will pair students with partners so that they can complete a small group activity. Students will scan one of the twelve QR codes from around the room (each code will be linked to an image that represents a certain month.The partners will then have to match their picture to the correct month. To conclude the lesson, I will allow volunteers to role-play a few of the monthly activities or cultural traditions that they and their families participate in. Also, I will video-tape their performances and upload it to the class Facebook page. Overall, this activity will help to make the lesson more meaningful and interactive (and thus will capture the interest of my kinesthetic learners). VI. Evaluate and Revise: To check for student learning and achievement I will assess my students in the following ways: Check for student participation, Walk around the room to ask the students questions. (For example, I will ask which month comes before June, and which months are in between September and December.) Ask students to demonstrate categorizing each month by a certain characteristic (using the QR codes and images). Instruct students to recite the months of the year in sequential order.