Ci 350 lesson 5 use!


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Ci 350 lesson 5 use!

  1. 1. Kayla Napier CI 350 Harold Blanco November 17, 2013 Lesson Five I. Analyzethe Learners: I will be teaching a class of twenty-five fifth grade students who are between ten and eleven years old. There are twelve girls and thirteen boys, four of whom are African Americans. Overall, there are numerous ways that my students learn. Thus, I will be incorporating a variety of teaching strategies in order to ensure that all of my students can easily comprehend the material. II. State Objectives:My fifth grade students will summarize the final battle of the Civil War and describe the aftermath of the war itself by utilizing cooperative learning groups,online research, Facebook,images, and interactive battle mapsby the end of the day with 95% accuracy. III. Select Methods, Media, and Materials: In order to appeal to a variety of learning styles,I will be utilizing the following media, methods, and materials throughout this lesson: Computer Lab: The students will be using computers to research information regarding group projects. Facebook:The assignment instructions will be posted on Facebook, stating that each group will post a comment regarding a particular battle strategy. Interactive Battle Maps:The students will be researching Northern and southern battle strategies using these virtual maps. Cooperative Learning Groups:The students will be divided into groups of four to complete an assigned project.
  2. 2. Images: I will display pictures of areas that received the most damage during the Civil War. Google Drive PowerPoint: As a final project, each student will create a different page on the Google Drive PowerPoint to summarize the Civil War. IV. Utilize Media and Material: Prior to class, I will preview all materials and electronic devices that will be used throughout the lesson. Thus, I will make sure all of my digital materials and websites are working properly. Also, I will reserve the computer lab for my students to research information and to complete their group projects. I will also post the assignment instructions and grading criteria for these projects on the classroom Facebook page. This will allow students to know what is required in their projects. Furthermore, I will have a list posted on the bulletin board, dividing the class into groups of four V. Require Learner Participation: At the beginning of class, I will display images of the location where the final Civil War battle took place (in Appomattox, Virginia). I will also show a few pictures revealing the devastation of that region after the war. Upon discussing this battle and the terms of surrender, the class will be divided into groups of four to research the battle strategies utilized on either side that resulted in a Northern victory. To accomplish this task, students will utilize a virtual battle map. They will then deduce what strategies may have contributed to a Southern surrender. During this research, the students will record their thoughts which will enable my categorical learners to better organize the information. Each group will then post a brief comment describing their ideas on the classroom Facebook page. After determining
  3. 3. possible reasons for this final Union victory, the students will then create a plan for Reconstruction, assessing some of the damage caused by the Civil War. To do this, each group will collaboratively determine a budget that will be set aside for reconstruction and a plan describing how the country could raise the money needed to rebuild the war-torn areas. To complete this assignment, the students will research the typical yearly salary of individuals during this time period, the cost of building supplies, and the amount of money set aside for the original Reconstruction Plan. The students will utilize a Civil War interactive website in order to gather this information. As a final project, each student will create one slide that they will attach to the classroom PowerPoint on Google Drive. Each page must be about either a cause of the war, a specific battle, or an important individual. (No two slides should be the same.) This assignment will allow the students to reflect on each topic we have discussed in class. VI. Evaluate and Revise: To evaluate my students and check for comprehension, I will: Circulate throughout the room asking questions, Check for student participation in group projects, Grade comments left on Facebook, Collect each groups budget/damage report Grade Final Project (Google Drive PowerPoint)