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Hacking the City


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Keynote presentation for the Silicon Valley Bike Coalition in Palo Alto, California, April 17, 2012.

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Hacking the City

  1. 1. Hacking the City Aaron Naparstek Silicon Valley Bike Coalition Tuesday, April 17, 2012 Palo Alto
  2. 2. Honku: Where it all began…Clinton Street, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.
  3. 3. Life on Clinton Street. PBS “Life 360” with Michel Martin, July 2002.
  4. 4. One day the honking pushed me over the edge.
  5. 5. Honking doesn’t solve this problem.(Note: This isnt Clinton Street. Its Broadway. Same problem.)
  6. 6. Eggs on the street.
  7. 7. The incident left me shaken.
  8. 8. I realized I needed a new solution.
  9. 9. You from New JerseyHonking in front of my house In your S.U.V.
  10. 10. When the light turns greenLike a leaf on a spring wind The horn blows quickly
  11. 11. Gas-guzzler flying little American flagsthe Saudis thank you
  12. 12. Your Ford Exploreron a never-ending quest for a parking spot
  13. 13. Honku goes viral.
  14. 14. Oh, Jeezus ChryslerWhats all the damned honking, Ford? Please shut the truck up
  15. 15. What keeps me from justpelting your honking auto with rotting garbage?
  16. 16. You dont like honking?Then why live in the city tilting at windmills
  17. 17. I came out of the closet.
  18. 18. The virtual “Lamppost.”
  19. 19. People start brainstorming solutions
  20. 20. Honku was, literally, the Talk of the Town.
  21. 21. The obvious next step: Book deal. Who will play me in the movie?
  22. 22. My first livable streets activism. PBS “Life 360” with Michel Martin, July 2002.
  23. 23. And on the second day He said, "Let their be light." And so it was.
  24. 24. Windshield Perspective. TK Cartoon by Ian Lockwood.
  25. 25. Our planning, design and engineering was producing this. Typical Midtown Manhattan street scene, circa 2005
  26. 26. And producing this…
  27. 27. So how do we make change?
  28. 28. We organize.
  29. 29. Another way to make change: Be the change. Hack the city.
  30. 30. An inspiration: Park(ing) DayRebar Groups first Park(ing) installation in San Francisco, Sept. 2005
  31. 31. The Park(ing) concept really resonated. “Public space reclamation in progress.” May 2006, Park Slope, Brooklyn.
  32. 32. Rebar turned Park(ing) Day into an open source project.
  33. 33. Park(ing) Day 200647 parks13 cities3 countries Midtown Manhattan
  34. 34. Park(ing) Day 2007200 parks50 cities9 countries Athens, Georgia
  35. 35. Park(ing) Day 2008600 parks100 cities13 countries Indianapolis, Indiana
  36. 36. Park(ing) Day 2009700+ parks140 cities21 countries Krakow, Poland
  37. 37. Park(ing) Day 2010800+ parks183 cities30 countries Buenos Aires, Argentina
  38. 38. Park(ing) Day 2011975 parks162 cities35 countries Ahmedabad, India
  39. 39. Park(ing) Day World MapAntarctica remains un-reclaimed.
  40. 40. Park(ing) becomes official city policy in San FranciscoSpring 2009, San Francisco launches the Pavement-to-Parks program
  41. 41. San Francisco calls them “parklets.”Today there are 24 "parklets,” including 2 mobile parklets.
  42. 42. New York City also implemented a version of Park(ing) August 12, 2010, NYCs launches its Pop-Up Café program.
  43. 43. Park(ing) becomes official city policy in NYC Pearl Street50-Seat Pop-Up Cafein Lower Manhattans Financial District
  44. 44. A new way of designing streets and public spaces. Before After Broadway at 34th Street, Herald Square, Manhattan.
  45. 45. Car-Free Broadway at Times Square Before After
  46. 46. A faster, cheaper more feedback-intensive design process. Before After Phase 1 of “Castro Commons,” in San Francisco.
  47. 47. “Lean Design” and “Agile Development” for cities. Phase 2 of “Castro Commons.”
  48. 48. The city is the original social media.Giant chessboard in the middle of Broadway at Herald Square.
  49. 49. The Livable Streets Movement.Me and my son on the Prospect Park West bike lane.
  50. 50. Being the change.The Naparstek boys on their Onderwater Tandem family bike.