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Bikelash! Prospect Park West


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Aaron Naparstek recounts the battle over Brooklyn's Prospect Park West bike lane, 2010 to 2011.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Bikelash! Prospect Park West

  1. 1. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike BIKELASH! Learn to Identify and Treat it.
  2. 2. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike PATIENT ZERO Prospect Park West Bike Lane
  3. 3. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Prospect Park West: Lay of the Land PPW New York City Manhattan Queens Brooklyn New Jersey
  4. 4. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Prospect Park West: Lay of the Land
  5. 5. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike A PPW townhouse sold for $8.45 million in 2010!
  6. 6. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike The pedestrian safety problem has been around for a while. Grand Army Plaza, 1927.
  7. 7. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Prospect Park West was designed like an expressway
  8. 8. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Cars regularly clocked traveling 50+ m.p.h. Super-Advocate Eric McClure speed-gunning on Prospect Park West 65 mph!
  9. 9. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Crashes were bad and scary. An over-turned SUV on the sidewalk at 8th Street and Prospect Park West
  10. 10. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike In 2005 we kicked off a community process. Park Slope Civic Council Forum on Traffic and Transportation March 2006
  11. 11. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike We created GAPco and ran community workshops. Grand Army Plaza Coalition Visioning Workshops Summer 2006.
  12. 12. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike We Engaged Danish Urban Designer Jan Gehl “If Frederick Law Olmsted could see how Grand Army Plaza is treated today — with all the asphalt and the little islands with pedestrians jumping like Eskimos from floe to floe — he would be rotating in his grave endlessly. - Jan Gehl, June 2006.
  13. 13. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike International Design Competition. GAPco partners with the Design Trust for Public Space
  14. 14. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike June 2010, DOT redesigns Prospect Park West. Before: Intimidating three-lane speedway. After: Two-way protected bike lane.
  15. 15. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Transformed overnight into a fantastic street for biking. Photo by Dmitry Gudkov
  16. 16. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Photo by Dmitry Gudkov Transformed overnight into a fantastic street for biking.
  17. 17. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Photo by Dmitry Gudkov Transformed overnight into a fantastic street for biking.
  18. 18. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike The impact of the redesign was dramatic:  Surge in the number of people biking on PPW.  Speeding went way down: From 74% of cars to 20%.  Sidewalk cycling disappeared: From 46% of cyclists to 3%.  Car traffic volumes and travel times stayed the same.  Crashes resulting in injuries down 63%.  Popular. 70%+ approval. Photo by Dmitry Gudkov
  19. 19. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Behold! Not everyone was happy.
  20. 20. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike
  21. 21. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Not your typical group of neighborhood NIMBYs. Former Deputy Mayor Norman Steisel Former DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall
  22. 22. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Did I mention Iris Weinshall's husband?
  23. 23. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike U.S. Senator Charles Schumer Did I mention Iris Weinshall's husband?
  24. 24. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Chuck loves biking!
  25. 25. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike A major litigation firm takes NBBL's case "pro bono." As a former federal prosecutor, I've never seen something like this.
  26. 26. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Big rally on October 21, 2010 They're willing to hit the streets.
  27. 27. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike What is it really all about?
  28. 28. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike "DOT fudges the data." Video camera in the window of the mansion at 14 PPW
  29. 29. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Virulent metastatizing BIKELASH
  31. 31. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Bikelash is emerging as a 2013 mayoral campaign issue. Rep. Anthony Weiner Remember this guy? When I become mayor, you know what I'm going to spend my first year doing? I'm going to have a bunch of ribbon- cuttings tearing out your f*#king bike lanes.
  32. 32. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Meanwhile, in Toronto… Roads are built for buses, cars, and trucks, not for people on bikes. Mayor Rob Ford
  33. 33. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Meanwhile, in Toronto… Roads are built for buses, cars, and trucks, not for people on bikes. It's no secret. Cyclists are a pain in the ass to the motorists. Mayor Rob Ford
  34. 34. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Meanwhile, in Toronto… Roads are built for buses, cars, and trucks, not for people on bikes. It's no secret. Cyclists are a pain in the ass to the motorists. Yes I have smoked crack cocaine. Mayor Rob Ford
  35. 35. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Toronto's Jarvis Street bike lane TK
  36. 36. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Could this happen in New York City in 2013? Protestor blocks removal of the Jarvis Street bike lane.
  37. 37. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio: "I'm a motorist."
  38. 38. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Disappointing signals from the 2013 mayoral field For me the jury's out. I think it's worth assessing what the impact has been on traffic… What was not done right is a deeper consultation with community residents. This has been an endemic problem with the Bloomberg approach to bike lanes. On Car-Free Times Square: On Prospect Park West:
  39. 39. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike What's an advocate to do?
  40. 40. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike 291 members.
  41. 41. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike 291 members. 1,969 members!
  42. 42. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Organize! Show up. October 2010 rally. We outnumbered NIMBYs 300 to 50.
  43. 43. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Don't count on the media to get your story right.
  44. 44. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Make yourself visible Great tactic: Hand out Day-Glo stickers. Take a photo of supporters.
  45. 45. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz “What is our objective in this city? To stigmatize the use of cars? Do we want Brooklyn to replicate Amsterdam?” Bikelashers want to portray you as the outsider.
  46. 46. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Louise Hainline, Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes We will never be Amsterdam; never be Copenhagen. We are never going to be Portland! Opponents want to portray you as the outsider.
  47. 47. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike
  48. 48. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike How predictable is Bikelash? TK via @BikePGH
  49. 49. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Show what it's all about: Safe streets for kids, seniors, families, everyone. April 10, 2011: We Ride the Lanes. 700 participants.
  50. 50. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Just keep showing them who you really are.
  51. 51. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike
  52. 52. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike
  53. 53. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike
  54. 54. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike
  55. 55. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike
  56. 56. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike
  57. 57. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike
  58. 58. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike
  59. 59. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike
  60. 60. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike "They're just f*cking bikes!” Bikelash collapses beneath the weight of its own absurdity.
  61. 61. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike StreetsPAC launch, April 25, 2013 Eric McClure at the microphone. Bikelash forced NYC advocates to think bigger, work harder.
  62. 62. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike The Mission:
  63. 63. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Survey and meet with candidates. StreetsPAC interview with mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio
  64. 64. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Survey and meet with candidates. StreetsPAC interview with City Council candidate Jimmy van Bramer
  65. 65. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Make endorsements.
  66. 66. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Collecting signatures. Petitioning for City Council candidate Vince Morgan in Harlem.
  67. 67. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Registering voters.
  68. 68. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Campaigning for endorsees. Steve Vaccaro stumping for Wel Wymore
  69. 69. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Candidates played up their StreetsPAC endorsements. Brooklyn City Council candidate Carlos Menchaca
  70. 70. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Endorsement event for Bill de Blasio
  71. 71. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Great media coverage at a critical moment.
  72. 72. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Spreading endorsements, rallying voters via social media.
  73. 73. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Old-fashioned social media: Bicycle spoke cards.
  74. 74. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Get Out the Vote phone calls for Bill de Blasio
  75. 75. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike The result? A "huge night" for StreetsPAC. Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson via Twitter.
  76. 76. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike Now? We have a City Council pushing hard for Livable Streets Melissa Mark-Viverito Brad Lander
  77. 77. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike We have a mayor pushing for Vision Zero. Bill de Blasio standing with traffic violence victims' families.
  78. 78. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike As for Prospect Park West? We won.
  79. 79. @naparstek #bikelash @sfbike TREATMENT Bikelash can be cured!