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Bikelash! Presentation at the National Bike Summit, Washington D.C.


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Moving Beyond Bikelash
Aaron Naparstek & Doug Gordon
National Bike Summit
Washington D.C.
March 3, 2014

Published in: Environment
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Bikelash! Presentation at the National Bike Summit, Washington D.C.

  1. 1. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Doug Gordon | Aaron Naparstek National Bike Summit Tuesday, March 3, 2014 Moving Beyond Bikelash!
  2. 2. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Dr. Naparstek Advocate Journalist Cyclist Dr. Gordon Advocate Journalist Cyclist
  3. 3. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash BIKELASH! Know how to identify and treat it.
  4. 4. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash PATIENT ZERO Prospect Park West Bike Lane
  5. 5. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Prospect Park West: Lay of the Land You are here. New York City
  6. 6. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Prospect Park West Prospect Park West: Lay of the Land
  7. 7. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash For $1.8 million you can have a 3-bedroom on PPW. It's an "exclusive" address!
  8. 8. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash A PPW townhouse sold for $8.45 million in 2010!
  9. 9. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash The address of Brooklyn's stars. Movie stars! Paul Bettany & Jennifer Connelly Political stars! Governor Hugh Carey U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer & NYC DOT's Iris Weinshall Literary stars! Jonathan Safran Foer & Nicole Krauss
  10. 10. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash The pedestrian safety problem has been around for a while. Death-o-Meter at Grand Army Plaza, 1927.
  11. 11. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash June 2010, DOT redesigns Prospect Park West. Before: Intimidating three-lane speedway. After: Two-way protected bike lane.
  12. 12. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Transformed overnight into a fantastic street for biking. Photo by Dmitry Gudkov
  13. 13. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Photo by Dmitry Gudkov Transformed overnight into a fantastic street for biking.
  14. 14. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Photo by Dmitry Gudkov Transformed overnight into a fantastic street for biking.
  15. 15. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash The impact of the redesign is dramatic:  Surge in the number of people biking on PPW.  Speeding went way down: From 74% of cars to 20%.  Sidewalk cycling disappeared: From 46% of cyclists to 3%.  Car traffic volumes and travel times stayed the same.  Crashes resulting in injuries went down 63%.  And it's popular. 70%+ approval. Photo by Dmitry Gudkov
  16. 16. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Surprise, surprise. Not everyone is happy about it.
  17. 17. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash This is not your typical group of NIMBY bikelashers. Former Deputy Mayor & Sanitation Commissioner Norman Steisel Former DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall
  18. 18. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Did we mention Iris Weinshall's all-powerful husband? Sorry… Wrong slide.
  19. 19. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer Did we mention Iris Weinshall's all-powerful husband?
  20. 20. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Also atypical: These bikelashers are mobilizing online. 291 members!
  21. 21. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash It's OK. We can play that game… 291 members! 1,969 members!!!
  22. 22. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash A major litigation firm takes NBBL's case "pro bono." "As a former federal prosecutor I've never seen something like this." -- March 9, 2011
  23. 23. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Sometimes a bike lane is more than just a bike lane. "When I become mayor, you know what I'm going to spend my first year doing?" Mr. Weiner said to Mr. Bloomberg, as tablemates listened. "I'm going to have a bunch of ribbon-cuttings tearing out your f*#king bike lanes." -- March 4, 2011 Rep. Anthony Weiner Remember this guy?
  24. 24. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash They launch a smear campaign attacking NYC DOT and advocates. Video camera in the window of the mansion at 14 PPW
  25. 25. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  26. 26. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Chuck + Marcia: BFF's CBS 2 Chief Political Correspondent Marcia Kramer
  27. 27. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Big rally on October 21, 2010 They're willing to hit the streets too.
  28. 28. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash This stuff can get… emotional.
  29. 29. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Zombies for Better Bike Lanes? Note to self: Try to be gracious toward your opponents.
  30. 30. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash What it's really all about… The rallying cry of the aptly named Lois Carswell
  31. 31. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash We staged a counter-demonstration. Transportation Alternatives' Director Paul Steely White
  32. 32. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash As on Facebook, supporters outnumber opponents 300 to 50. We are also a much more generationally diverse crowd.
  33. 33. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash August 2011: It takes more than a year, but we win in court.
  34. 34. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash BIKELASH SYMPTOMS
  35. 35. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash “This isn’t Amsterdam!”
  36. 36. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  37. 37. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash “What is our objective in this city? To stigmatize the use of cars? Do we want Brooklyn to replicate Amsterdam?” – Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President
  38. 38. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash "One political consultant said the idea of expanding the use of bicycles was foolhardy. Hank Sheinkopf told me: 'This isn’t Amsterdam. We have many narrow streets and a great number of cars and trucks.'”
  39. 39. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  40. 40. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  41. 41. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash “We will never be Amsterdam; never be Copenhagen. We are never going to be Portland.” – Louise Hainline, President, Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes
  42. 42. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash “Beijing is looking more like New York City and New York City is moving towards Beijing of the 1960s & '50s.” – Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President
  43. 43. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Beijing, 1960s
  44. 44. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Beijing, 2013
  45. 45. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash “We keep hearing that St. Paul wants to be like Portland, and I always ask, ‘How long does the snow last in Portland?’” – Clare Malloy Bluhm, Local Taxpayers for a Livable Community, St. Paul, MN
  46. 46. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash "This is a city made for people who want to go from point A to point B. This is not some Seattle coffee, grunge, pothead experiment. This is Chicago." – John Kass, Chicago Tribune
  47. 47. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  48. 48. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash But…
  49. 49. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash "…But a lot of people are not particularly calm about bicyclists, and we are deeply sympathetic."
  50. 50. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash "Some of my best friends are cyclists."
  51. 51. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash "We’re not opposed to bike lanes. We’re opposed to this one and the way it was done. You have to be concerned about all who use it, and that includes drivers, pedestrians, and the bicyclists." - Norman Steisel, former Deputy Mayor, NBBL member.
  52. 52. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash “This is consistent with DOT’s decision to enlist an individual (the ‘Blogger’) to wage a viral campaign against critics of the PPW configuration, many of whom support bike lanes generally, including on Prospect Park West.” – Jim Walden, NBBL attorney
  53. 53. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash "I'm not against cycling. I think it’s environmentally friendly. But they share the roads with drivers and pedestrians and they have a responsibility to follow the same laws." – Eric Ulrich, New York City Councilman, Queens
  54. 54. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash "Listen. First off, I’m not against bicycles. My wife and I have a bicycle. But I have an absolute right to raise a question as to whether or not bicycle lanes should be emphasized as a viable alternative transportation mode." – Marty Markowitz Brooklyn Borough President
  55. 55. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  56. 56. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash  Pre-exemptive self-exoneration.  Invocation of humorless cycling advocates.  Invocation of personal cycling bona fides.  Reference to America’s love affair with cars.  Invocation of damnable scofflaw cyclists.
  57. 57. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Additional bikelash symptoms:  Concern trolling.  Nobody bikes, so we don’t need bike lanes.  There are too many cyclists, so bike lanes are dangerous.
  58. 58. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  59. 59. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash CITI BIKE Virulent, Rapid-Onset Bikelash
  60. 60. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash The invasion… April 7, 2013
  61. 61. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash NOMB: Not On My Block!
  62. 62. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  63. 63. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  64. 64. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  65. 65. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  66. 66. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Citi Bike: Lawsuits
  67. 67. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  68. 68. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash May 27, 2013 The day we’ve all been waiting for!
  69. 69. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  70. 70. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash “The bike lobby is an all-powerful enterprise.”
  71. 71. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash "They're just f*cking bikes!”
  72. 72. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  73. 73. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  74. 74. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Citibike: A pleasant way for wayward pols to pay penance.
  75. 75. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash TREATMENT You CAN Fight Bikelash
  76. 76. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Strong local advocacy organizations are key! Apologies to the many great bike advocacy groups not recognized here!
  77. 77. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash In NYC T.A. has been working since the 1970's. New York Times, November 15, 1980
  78. 78. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Even on PPW we had a long-running community process. Park Slope Civic Council Forum on Traffic and Transportation March 2006
  79. 79. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash We brought together every stakeholder we could think of. Grand Army Plaza Coalition Visioning Workshops Summer 2006.
  80. 80. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Highlight the problem. Generate demand for change. Super-Advocate Eric McClure speed-gunning on Prospect Park West 65 mph!
  81. 81. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Fast, inexpensive, incremental design improvements. Test out ideas. Circumvent fear-mongering. Create "wins."
  82. 82. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Test out ideas. Circumvent fear-mongering. Create "wins." Fast, inexpensive, incremental design improvements.
  83. 83. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Show what it's all about: Safe streets for kids, seniors, families. April 10, 2011: We Ride the Lanes. 700 participants.
  84. 84. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Be organized, vocal and VISIBLE. Outstanding community meeting tactic: Hand out Day-Glo stickers. Take a photo of supporters.
  85. 85. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Build your own media channels!
  86. 86. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash “Digital networks have acted as a massive positive supply shock to the cost and spread of information, to the ease and range of public speech by citizens, and to the speed and scale of group coordination.” - Clay Shirky The Internet is our competitive advantage.
  87. 87. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash  Access to Information  Group communication  Group coordination  Public documentation and distribution of information. Four things that advocates and organizers need most:
  88. 88. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Livable streets advocacy in the "old days."
  89. 89. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash #BikeNYC Today we can do so much more at a fraction of the cost.
  90. 90. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash #WinterBiker A social media campaign by the Boston Cyclists Union after a state agency refused to clear riverfront bike paths.
  91. 91. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash #WinterBiker spreads to Buffalo, New York
  92. 92. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash How I learned to stop worrying and love the bikelash.
  93. 93. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash “…a cyclist has an increased heart rate and respiration. That means that the act of riding a bike results in greater emissions of carbon dioxide from the rider. Since CO2 is a greenhouse gas and a pollutant, bicyclists are actually polluting when the ride.” – Rep. Ed Orcutt Kalama, Washington
  94. 94. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Del Close, the father of improv comedy… …and your guru for beating the bikelash.
  95. 95. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash The Upright Citizens Brigade TV stars, comedians, and experts in dealing with crazy situations.
  96. 96. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash 1. “Yes, and…” 2. The Game of the Scene. Fundamentals of improv:
  97. 97. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  98. 98. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash What if they had a War on Cars and nobody showed up?
  99. 99. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash The Game of the Scene.
  100. 100. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  101. 101. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash "Imagine if the man on the bike was a terrorist!"
  102. 102. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  103. 103. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash PPW protest: lots to disagree with here...but should you?
  104. 104. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Neighbors for Better Judgment
  105. 105. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Infiltrating enemy lines…with humor!
  106. 106. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash How do you play “The Game”? • Many editors, writers, and TV producers have a narrative in mind. • They will not deviate from it even when the facts work against them. • Your job: recognize their game, call it out… …and then heighten it.
  107. 107. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  108. 108. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  109. 109. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  110. 110. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  111. 111. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash What is The Brooklyn Paper’s “Game”?
  112. 112. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  113. 113. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  114. 114. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  115. 115. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  116. 116. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  117. 117. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  118. 118. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  119. 119. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Create your own game: • People who bike are regular people. • It’s not “funny” by itself, but that’s the point. • In comparison, arguments against cycling. seem ridiculous without need for arguing.
  120. 120. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  121. 121. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  122. 122. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  123. 123. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  124. 124. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  125. 125. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  126. 126. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash
  127. 127. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash Prevent Bikelash in Your Community:  Build and support a healthy advocacy eco-system.  Develop your own media channels.  Change the conversation through agreement.
  128. 128. @naparstek @brooklynspoke #bikelash There is a cure.