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Rape slide by nbd 1.5.2013

  1. 1. RAPE : what is it?; causes; effects;how to control it?; how to prepare itonce you are raped.Naorem BinitaDevi, Kakching, Manipur ( facultymember, dept of psy., MZU). 1st May2013.
  2. 2. Naorem binita devi (from kakching,Manipur)Faculty member, dept.of psychology,Mizoram University.
  3. 3. What is it?• Rape is an unacceptable ace done by a group ofpeople or an individual to engage sexualintercourse against his or her will—a situationthat brought severe condition to the victims. Theperson who involved in such act is known asrapists. (nbd,2013).• Sometimes rape may be happened in the form ofstranger rape, acquaintance rape, pre-plan rapeetc. but most of the victims come underconfusion, surprise, lack of security, traumai.e., psychologically etc.
  4. 4. Causes:• In our day to day life, we sometimes heardabout the rape case. But now-a-days we heardvery frequently. It means that something isgoing wrong in larger context as I think. As weknow that such things were happened in eachcorner of the world and they made rules andregulations how to punish such rape case. Firstof all I want to share my views about thecauses of rape case in Indian context:
  5. 5. Continue:1• Our society is based on Varna system. Each Varna has someform of belief system in one side and in another side, if oneof their Varna people did something wrong or right, there isa habit of defending/enjoying each other without going tothe deeper layer of the moral level if the things are wrong.Our society system is also like that, “if you did wrong, whynot I”; if you caught in a wrong work and is going topunish, then, all their group members come out to defendinstead of realising the work one did in wrong way. Thenonce such defend strategies was developed and broughtsuccess to defame one’s prestige from larger context, thenthe person started using such strategy to do again. Inanother thing, questions come up in my mind, why did suchthings happen? Because once caught the person may put injail and defame one’s prestige in larger context. That is whyone try to defend using self-monitoring strategies usingone’s group circle.
  6. 6. Continue:2• So what I want to say is that,• “just realise those wrong doers instead of putting in jail; then teach themhow to rectify those wrong things; it may help in reducing the defensiveact from the person.• Now let’s turn to the rape case causes:• Unable to control their sexual desire: sometimes people cannot controltheir sexual desire. In psychoanalysis, Freud talked about ID impulses. Itmeans sexual gratification in any costs without thinking about right orwrong. It works on pleasure principles. Such unable to control sexualdesire may be related to see some type of video-clip about sexualintercourse that makes anxiety and tension and wanted to discharge suchfeelings at that moment of time.• Trying to defame the family: In my viewpoint, it seems to me that familyconflicts to another family family may bring such act also, may be insmaller in number but logic may be in family disputes. So trying to defameeach other, some of them can do the work of kidnapping first and thenraped.
  7. 7. Continue:3• Lack of moral values during their child-rearing practices: It seemsto me that moral values are very important in child’s development.• As we know that we used to study Diana Baumrind’s style of childrearing in two dimensions i.e., responsiveness and demandingness.On this two dimension she gave three child rearing styles:authoritative child rearing style; authoritarinian child rearing style;permissive child rearing style. The fourth Uninvolved child rearingstyle was given by another researcher.• From these child rearing style, we can infer something and as weknew that authoritative child rearing parents can give good moralvalues to their children because they focused both responsivenessand demandingness equally while doing their children’sdevelopment stage.• On the other hand, authoratarinian parental style did suppressiontype of moral values, they never allow to express their children’srights; the child comes up under stress and anxiety; so here themoral values of the child was suppressed. Here demandingness isvery high and low in responsiveness.
  8. 8. Continue:3(i)• In the permissive parental style, parents allow whattheir children are saying . when children did somethingwrong, they allow and encourage the child. Here theresponsiveness are high and low in demandingness.• So in uninvolved child rearing styles, children aretotally neglected by the parents due to some form ofpsychiatric problem or some other forms of illness tothem. Here both responsiveness and demandingnessare low.• So, with regards to rape case, I want to analyse thecase of the rapist on this ground. From such ground isalso may become a cause of rape in Indian context.
  9. 9. Continue:4• May be politically motivated: Sometimes, in my view, rapecase may be politically motivated due to give a wrongmessage about other party. As we know, our politicalsystem consist of multi-political system. Besides these, ourhuman structure consist of multi-community system andmulti-class layer system. Do you know the logic, I am goingto infer from here? If you know please do it. It is a matter oflogic and you can elaborate in your own way of style.• May be challenging to the present system of the rape law:This point may be related to the above point. Elaborateyourself.• May be instigated/injected by group of people to anothergiving positive reinforcement i.e., money, saving the personfrom such heinous crime.
  10. 10. Continue:5• Defending nature rather than realisation: Hererapists were saved or defended by the circularmembers of their family because they loved theirchildren. So they started provoking statements, “girls wore short dress etc “• May be dominated by stress and anxiety to therapists: To some extent, those who could notable to control their stress and anxiety, they wantto discharge such negativity to their primitiveenjoyment to their counterpart or whatever theyhave to chance to do…soon…
  11. 11. Effects of rape:• It may be long term effects as well as shortterm effects depending upon the personalityof the victims and coping level. As we allknow that trauma are associated with thevictims. Emotional trauma, psychologicaleffects etc. will come out.
  12. 12. How to control it?• To control rape, it is the person itself. So it my view, it may bedifficult but if we imposed external control to the rapists, I do hopethat things can be changed. Sometimes, as I heard, when rape casewas happened (i.e., individual case), then, the matter goes to courtand final judgment may be given to get married to each other. Butin the group case and minor and due to some factor, do you thinkthat, is it possible? Answer may be no. so what do you think onsuch case? Just think and let me know.• In my first perspective in the rape case:• First of all, just allow to speak out the family members to stop theagitation/or any form of demanding ; i.e., controlling the massmovement type ( after a rape case was happened) from the familyside; otherwise matter may go in political way; so the family needto know to control it; then family can work along with govt.side ifpossible; do hope.
  13. 13. Continue:1• Please ask to the victim of the family members what they want regardingthe rape case;• Each family members need to care for their children, it does not meanthat we are living in the democratic country, so it is the right to protect toeach citizen by the government. It means that you, as a citizen, as amember, of the democratic country, you need to give safeguard for yourchildren at the initial stage. Otherwise many things may be happened.• To teach them how to control their stress and anxiety in day to day life andhow to discharge their stress and anxiety in a positive way.• To keep punishment or death sentence is another way how to control therape case. But without collection of any evidence, it is impossible.Otherwise once we did death sentence to someone but at the same timenews come out that the person did not do anything on that case. Thenwhat should you do? Means pre-plan act may be involved. So be carefulabout this type of punishment. Give space to the rapists to expresssomething on such circumstances.
  14. 14. Continue:2• Rapists and victims belong to any form of family members or some of the rapistsand victims may not. So when a rape was happened, our public response is sostrong and started shouting for justice for the rape case. But do you think thatshouting can able to bring justice?• Role of municipality area, role of police; role of youngster i.e., responsible citizen;role of owner who keep rent etc for the better society in near future.• Again our social structure is very strange. One side is going to give justice andmade rules and regulation but on another side trying not to implement such rulesand regulations. So in my viewpoint, just ask the family members of the victim,what type of punishment/alternative they want?• After scrutinizing a number of questions to the rapists like what, where, how,why, just ask to the rapists• Could you able to safeguard the victim financially, psychologically, socially and inmoral level?• In my view rape case may be mild, moderate, severe and sometimes killed byrapists. Again rape case may be involved individual as well as group of people.
  15. 15. How to prepare once you are raped?• Preparing a rape case is not an easy task. It needsa lots of factors from the victim side n along withwe need to deal with. Our society never acceptany type of such act before marriage. IfHappened, lots of things come out with regard tothis context. So in my viewpoint, preparation ofthe rapist needs a lot of direction.• First of all, I want to emphasize on societalaspect: our society is like that some of them arevery happy to talk about the negative aspect ofthe victim/s instead of giving support system. Sothe victim need to ignore from the surrounding .
  16. 16. Continue:0• sometimes the victim could not do suchthings, so in my suggestion do exercise eachand everyday to enhance your inner self. Youcan do focusing some object like, candle light,tip of you nose etc. along with do deepbreathing inhaling and exhaling and try tobring those object you focused in the mentalimage. While doing such practice do closeyour eyes lightly.
  17. 17. Continue:1• Interpersonal level: In interpersonal level, friendscircles will start help you. So filter out which friendcircles are going to help you in day to day life. So youneed to observe them and select them out in mentalimage and keep on going for personal growth.• Please do not allow to enter your past incident thatmakes you emotional. If in case allow suchincident, check out whether you can deal out alongwith in your exercise.• Do write down your day to day diary if, in case, suchemotion comes up and notes down in whichcircumstances such things are coming again.
  18. 18. Continue:2• Do focus in any of your interested work whenever suchemotion comes again and try to reduce it throughwriting and read it again and check it our whether suchemotion is coming again or not. If not, challengeyourself, “I will allow to come such emotion and it is achapter of my life n already gone; it has nothing to doin my life; such incident comes in one’s life; so itcannot disrupt in my future life. I can able to handleit. “ try to cope up in such things as fast as possible”.• This is some of my views with regard to rape. Thanksyou for reading.