Positve observation in my first teaching


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Positve observation in my first teaching

  2. 2. My experience• In my first teaching area, i found a lot of things which i never learn in my life. I am happy and glad to say for giving me full support in my first teaching experience. Sometimes i felt that i can able to learn many things from the institution where i worked first time. Yes i learn a lot. The institution where i worked belong to multicultural workplace. Really it gave me a chance to see all cultural groups under one rules and regulations. Another i found my colleagues who are senior to me and belong to different ethnic groups. Sometimes i found them are very supportive if i see from the positive point of view.
  3. 3. Continue:1• Do you want to know what i learn from my first teaching institution?• Just wait i am telling you, have patience ......• First i learn about from this institution is how to meet the people to join my job; taking advise from them and going to meet the concerned person; the concerned teacher introduces my name in front of the other colleagues; the concerned teacher gives me guidance to go to the bank and to open the account, the concerned teacher gave me his signature to open my account; the concerned teacher gives me the time-table along with what subjects i have to teach and so on.• Secondly, i learn how to do invigilator and how to collect the papers when the time is over; how to submit it to the In- charge of the examination of the concerned subjects to check out the attendance of the students; and so on;
  4. 4. Continue:2• Thirdly, i learn how to conduct the election of the institution. So interesting when i observe such guidelines given by the senior members; different symbols are employed to designate the party; arranging the roll numbers in and name in order way; checking their ID card for voting and giving suggestion to put one’s ballot paper to the box what ever kept there; Is not interesting? Really i felt interesting.• Fourthly, i learn how to conduct the competitive examination; how to give guidelines to the students; how to collect the paper; seating arrangement and so on;• Fiftly, i learn how to interact people of different ethic groups; observing their conversation gives me an interesting thinking process to write down how beautiful about positive viewponts;
  5. 5. Continue:3• Sixly, i learn how to perform cultural programme of the students coming from different part of the country;• In sum up, really interesting to observe such process in the institution. I learn the tactics and strategies used by the senior people how to handle any upcoming problematic situation. Such senior gives a value system in the development of the institution. They conduct the conferences, seminars, workshops etc sothat students as well as young teachers can get benefit from such programmes.• The most interesting thing which i learn from my first teaching institution is about diversity of the cultural aspects that one possess since childhood and binding it together under one rules and regulations to function system smoothly.
  6. 6. Continue:4• Another interesting thing is that the style of the performance of one’s is quite different from one to another; it reflects one’s nature of belongingness since childhood and it socialised to the institution.• I am not wrong to say that i learnt a lot of things from my first teaching experience not only in the academic but also in the administration line.• i have the opportunity to teach a number of subjects to enhance i wider coverage of the subjects such things are not possible without the cooperation from the institution especially without the permission of the concerned teachers as well as other colleagues.
  7. 7. Continue:5• I leant that without any difficulty no developments take place. Any difficulties have to bear with full confidence without any hesitation. If you imagine one moment for example,• “if you are going on the forest, suddenly thorn stucks to you, will you allow it to enter in your body?• No, right, then you try to take it out at any cost so that you can proceed your work of going. It means that you have the strategies to take out the thorn.• In the same way life is also a journey. A journey will end at the time of death. Like thorns in the forest, difficult ties coming in your side while your first teaching is going on have to be reduced with the help of good strategies in the form of your own self monitoring style to maintain the system.
  8. 8. Continue:6 So, open your eyes when you encountered any such situation. Such learning experience gave me another opportunity to explore something new in my second teaching system which is slightly monoculturalism in nature.