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Dream information questionnaire

  1. 1. DREAM INFORMATION QUESTIONNAIREProposed BY:Naorem Binita Devi,( from kakching)E-mail: binitaji@yahoo.co.in or naorembd@gmail.comM-9612155464 SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHIC VARIABLES Please fill up the following statement:Name : --------------------------------------------------Age : --------------------------------------------------
  2. 2. Community : Meitei=1/Muslim=2/Naga=3/Kuki=4/Nepali=5/Punjabi=6/Tamil=7 Mizo=8/others=9,( if you belong to others identify and write=--------------) ( )Religion : Hinduism=1/Islam=2/Christian=3/Buddhism=4/Sikkism=5/ others=6 ( )Sex : Male=1/ Female=2 ( )Place of birth : Village=1/ Town=2/Rural=3/Urban=4/ others=5 ( )Category : ST=1/SC=2/OBC=3/ General=4/ others=5 ( )Marital Status : Married=1/ Unmarried=2 ( )EducationalQualification : Matriculate=1/Intermediate=2/Graduate=3/Post-Graduate=4/ M.phil=5/Ph.D.=6/ others=6 ( )PresentResidence : Village=1/Rural=2/Urban=3/Others=4 ( )Occupation : Govt.Servant=1/Private=2/Self-Finance=3/ Others=4 ( )Family Structure: Nuclear=1/Joint=2/Others=3. ( )INSTRUCTIONS: Some statements consisting of part-I are given in the following pages followed by ‘Yes’,or ‘No’ responses. These statements are based on dream. Please read carefully the definition of dream
  3. 3. and give the answer for the following statements and choose one answer either ‘yes’ or ‘No’ by givingstar mark (*) in the front of the response to which you feel. Please try to respond all the statements.Part-II You have to give your own opinion regarding the dream themes and have to answer thequestions given below.There is no time limit but try to finish as soon as possible.Dreams are a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind duringsleep.[1] The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been atopic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams isknown as oneirology.Dreams have fascinated people since ancient times. The Mesopotamians, Hebrews,Babylonians, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans all valued dream interpretation (Van De Castle,1994), and early psychologists (Freud, 1900/1970; Jung, 1945/1993) wrote of the value ofdream interpretation in spurring client insight. In fact, Freud stated that "the interpretationof dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind" (p.647), and Jung viewed dreams as being a source of personal knowledge and guidance.Despite the attention given to dream interpretation by these and other theorists, and thefascination with dreams by people in a variety of cultures and times, only 10 to 15% ofmental health professionals work with dreams (Davis, 2002).There are three fundamental psychological questions to be answered:  Formation Where do our dreams come from?  Function What purpose - if any - do they serve?  Interpretation What - if anything - do they mean? DREAM INFORMATION QUESTIONNAIREQ.1. Do you ever have dream?
  4. 4. (a) yes (b) No (c) can n’t decideQ.2. Do you see nightmares in your dream? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.3. Do you see spirit in your dream? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.4. Do you believe in your dream that predicts you for traumatic event? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.5. Do you beat someone in your dream? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.6. Do others beat you in your dream? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.7. Do the dream make you laugh while sleeping? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.8. Do the dream make you cry while sleeping? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.9. Do the “devotional Mantra” make you wake up in your terrible dream? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.10. Do you sometimes fight in the dream for any cause? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.11. Could you able to interpret in your dream? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.12. Have you ever associated any of your dream with your present day situation? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.13. Do you keep diary in your bedside sothat you can note down your dream when you wake up? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decide
  5. 5. Q.14. Do your dream makes you phobic when you wake up?(sometimes). (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.15. Do you sometimes narrate your dream to another person while you are also under dreaming? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.16. Do you have any childhood dream? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.17. Do you feel thirsty while dreaming? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.18. Do you sometimes have the dream of sickness, worriness, and helplessness in the dream? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.19. Do you find any characters in the dream more than you? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.20. Do you sometimes have the problem of sleeping after a bad dream? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.21. Do you always a character in your dream? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.22. Do you always a main character in your dream? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.23. Do you always think that dream say something about the future? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.24. Do you sometimes feel that you are somebody else in your dream? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decideQ.25. Do you sometimes remain as an observer while you are dreaming? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decide
  6. 6. Q.26. Do you always pray “GOD” after having dreamt a terrible dream? (a) yes (b) No (c) can not decidePart-IICONTENT OF DREAM :Check out and tick mark the following events happen in your dreams. 1. Feeling of climbing; 2. Feeling of flying; 3. Feeling of falling; 4. Feeling of jumping; 5. Feeling of exercising; 6. Writing some type of information in open spaces; 7. Someone who is close to you dies; 8. Being naked in an inappropriate place; 9. Feeling of quenching your thirst; 10. Failing some type of examination; 11. Feeling of walking; 12. Feeling of talking with other people; 13. Eating too much; 14. Crossing the bridge; 15. Running on the concrete road; 16. Sitting with other people discussing something; 17. Observing and standing in the crowded place; 18. Seeing the childhood scenario; 19. Seeing the slum children; 20. Seeing the broken teeth; 21. Picking up and playing with someone’s children; 22. Seeing the loved ones; 23. Seeing the parents; 24. Seeing the water pond; 25. Seeing the sea-shore; 26. Seeing the scene of marriage dress with bride; 27. Seeing the sunshine with bright atmosphere.
  7. 7. 28. Any other; please write down if you remember. DREAM DESCRIPTION: Please describe the following statements which is appropriate to your dream. otherwise just leave blank.Q.1. Was it day or noon or night? ( dream)Q.2. The place where the dream take place.Q.3. Write the characters in your dream.Q.4. Write yourself in the dream.Q.5. Is the dreamer yourself, or were you someone else?
  8. 8. Q.6. Were they naked or wearing clothes? If so what type of clothes?Q.7. Write about the person you dreamt whether it is a stranger or very familiar to you.Q.8. write the story of your dream. ( at least five dream)Q.9. Are you the main character on the dream?
  9. 9. Q.10. write the theme ( object you see) in the dream.Q.11. is any associated value with your dream in reality situation?Q.12. Is your dream related to your day to day happening situation in life?Q.13. Cold you able to remember the whole dream?Q.14. What deeper meaning you attach to your dream when you wake up?Q.15. Do you take dream seriously in your life? Give opinion.