Application of communication strategy—a report on mizoram psychology


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Application of communication strategy—a report on mizoram psychology

  1. 1. Naorem Binita Devi Address: Dept. of psychology,Mizoram University,Tanhril, Aizawl-796004,,binitadevi@ho
  2. 2. Abstract The main objectives of this paper is about the communication and its strategy which enables to complete Mizoram Psychology students’ study tour successfully. Communication strategy is not used by the only the psychology students. But it used not only by the different disciplines but also every sections of the organizations to plan some sort of work or any other system of work. In this paper the tour-in-charge reports that good communication on time and keeping good communication strategy helps out to reduce any problematic situation which make tour successful. In this tour the tour-in-charge accompanies 15 students (i.e., 14 females and 1 male) at Institute of Human Relation for Counseling and Psychotherapy, Vellore for their academic exposure. To success the study tour the tour-in-charge planned before 3 months; to take permission, for accommodation, to confirm the fee structures, the tentative date which the tour-in-charge is appropriate for the them or not, informing them about the number of students on gender wise and such related things. Such thing can do a good communication strategy from both the sides through the help of e-mail, phone-calls and sometimes fax. This paper also reports that the tour-in-charge submits such permission from the Institute to the departmental meeting for sanction along with the tentative date through proper channel and it reach to finance section. It shows that the tour-in-charge create and follow a communication strategy for this work to bring success rather than fail. Keywords: communication, communication strategy, counseling ,planning,organization.
  3. 3. Chennai,MarinabeachDate: 19.1.2009
  4. 4. Section Title: Introduction: 2. Planning 3. Implementation of the planning 4. Reaching the Institute 5. Taking accommodation 6. Taking Registration 7. Collecting the time-table 8. Academic exposure to the institute 9. Collection of the 5-days course training certificate 10. Visit to Mysore, Bangalore, and Chennai 11. Conclusion. 12. References
  5. 5. Mysore Railwaystation
  6. 6. Introduction: Communication is the process whereby information is imparted by a sender to a receiver via a medium. The biggest task of any work system is to create an effective communication system. Communication strategy can be defined as showing attention to planning, an understanding of the situation, an ability to carry out the work, and clear identification of the goal. In everyday situation also each academic institution and non-academic institution make communication strategy to sort out the things to do easily without any hindrances. In the same way how the tour-in-charge planned ahead to success the students’ study tour on time. That is why the investigator ( tour-in-charge) wrote the successful completion of study tour on the basis of effective communication strategy.
  7. 7. Demonstrationwith Director
  8. 8. Continue:1 In this paper the investigator reports how does she planned for this study tour. Planning implementation of the planning Reaching the Institute Taking accommodation Taking Registration collecting the time-table academic exposure to the institute collection of the 5-days course training certificate Visit to Mysore, Bangalore, and Chennai conclusion. References
  9. 9. Students along withtheir certificates atChristiancounseling centre,Vellore
  10. 10. PLANNING: In this paper, it relates to collect some information before doing any implementation. Regarding the study tour the following plan has to be sorted. decide the place where the study tour wants to move; number of students on gender wise find out the maximum sanction for the study tour; Giving information for the study tour; Tentative date for the study tour; Giving the tentative timing for the exposure; Giving the information about the time factor to the students for the journey and others. on weakened fixed place for some place for observation if ability to do the work. after collecting all the information, submit such things to the departmental meeting for latter proceedings; write letter through proper channel mentioning all the names of the students on gender wise along with their age and submit to the office; if in case no response come from the office and ask and then goes to the finance section about the tour sanction.
  11. 11. Students along withgate keeper,Christiancounseling centre
  12. 12. Inside the campus,Vellore,along withsome students..
  13. 13. IMPLEMENTATION OF THEPLANNING: Once such planned have been sorted out, start the implementation work. Here the implementation work means communication strategy i.e., either using phone calls, e-mail, fax, or sending letter or sending courier. If the office is nearby , let ‘s meet the people who are working there either verbally or non- verbally. Here good communication strategy allows you to exercise better control over your work and to frame the issues in the perspective than research. In this study tour report the investigator did mailing t the Director and Associate Director for the permission. Their good communication response makes the investigator to proceed tour implementation work very successfully on the one hand and on the other hand sanction order which the investigator gets makes easy to do the work for the tour journey management work. Such coordinating and communication strategy makes the tour successful rather than fail. Again another thing about the communication strategy is giving information about the detailed guidelines about the study tour to students and implementing it with full cooperation from the students along with the tour-in-charge. The study-tour started from 7th 2009 January and reached back on 23rd January 2009 in Mizoram.
  14. 14. REACHING THE INSTITUTE: The investigator and students reached on 11th January 2009. here also the investigator called up to the Associate Director about to reach and take the information about how to come to the Institute. The Associate Director Gave all the communication how to reach it in the Institute. Such strategy makes the investigator quite success in reaching the Institute. TAKING ACCOMMODATION: The institute people welcome us and their non-staff members leads us to their room. Such positive things can do due do prior communication strategy which the investigator adopted before going the study tour.
  15. 15. TAKING REGISTRATION TAKING REGISTRATION: After freshing up and taking one cup of tea, the investigator ( the tour guide)personally gone to the Director’s residence to enquire about the registration. The Associate Director told to the tour-in-charge to do on the next day. Then the investigator was relaxed. She is the first time coming and never knew about the Institute official work. This is only due to good communication strategy which enables to do the work smoothly. COLLECTING THE TIME –TABLE: The investigator collected the time-table for the course work as well as the time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the investigator communicated to all the students about the timing and instructed them to be punctual and respect teachers and without prior permission no one can skip the class except the medical ground.
  16. 16. ACADEMIC EXPOSURE TO THEINSTITUTE: On 12th January 2009 students was exposed to the Institute. The period for the exposure is from 12th January 2009 to 16th January 2009. the time-table for the exposure is 9.00a.m. to 6.00.p.m. The academic exposure constitute theory as well as practice. The theory and its practice is based on the area of counseling. One very knew topic is about the positive psychology and its practice. COLLECTION OF THE 5-DAY COURSE TRAINING CERTIFICATE: On 16th January 2009 students collected the course fruits on the basis of certificate.
  17. 17. VISIT TO MYSORE,BANGALORE,AND CHENNAI: To visit such things the investigator planned how to start, and how to connect to Bangalore, how to come back again to Vellore and how to go to the Chennai. After giving such planning strategy to the office people of the institute ,they gave to the tour-in-charge the guidelines how to move. The time management also fixed by the investigator and informed to the students how long they stay on one particular place. Such places managed within two days and quite successful. Coming back also the investigator book the hotel. On 22nd January 2009 at 5.00a.m.reached Guwahati and from the train contact through phone for their arrival time. Such successful things happen with good communication strategy.
  18. 18. CONCLUSION: In conclusion part the investigator want to give message about such successful study tour for the students, non-students and others to make communication strategy regarding any work. If there is any doubt please just communicate to the expert people who understands about what you want to know. Such study tour makes the investigator understood about any problem. It means poor communicational strategy could not reach the goal of a person. (Note):It is just the author as the role of tour-in-charge in the study tour and wrote her observation.
  19. 19. REFERENCE: Naorem Binita Devi, “communication strategy—A Report on Mizoram psychology students’ study tour. Fred Luthans (2005). “ Organizational Behavior” Tenth Edition, McGraw Hill.