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Pre production: My role as producer


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Pre production: My role as producer

  1. 1. In my Group I am acting as the producer of myproduction. My duties are to supervise and control thefinances, creation, and public presentation of the filmand teaser trailer. As producer I am actively involvedthroughout all major phases of the filmmakingprocess, from inception and development tocompletion and delivery of a film project. Theproducer oversees the process, which includescoordinating, supervising and controlling majoraspects of the project.The trailer for my film is being made at a low/micro budget:What is a low budget film?A low-budget film is a motion picture shot with little or no fundingfrom a major film studio or private investor. Many Independentfilms are made on low budgets but films made on the mainstreamcircuit with inexperienced or unknown filmmakers can also havelow budgets.What are Micro budget films?A micro budget film is that which is made on an extremely lowbudget, sometimes as little as a few thousand dollars. An exampleof such would be the popular 1992 El Mariachi. Despite its lowbudget it was a success both critically and commercially, andstarted his career.How are they promoted and noticed?Many low budget films that do not gain some form of attention orare never released in theatres and are often sent straight to retailbecause of its lack of marketability. Modern day young filmmakersrely on film festivals for pre promotion. They use this to gainacclaim and attention for their films, which often leads to a limitedrelease in theatres. Some low budget films gain a cult followingand this often leads to a wide release.
  2. 2. As producer one of tasks is to handle the finances. Ihave observed the available finances for the film andproduced a budget breakdown sheet which showshow I went about funding the film and will also helpkeep track of money being spent.What is a Budget breakdown sheet?This is a sheet providing an overview of the total cost for producingthe film. The details for the expenses relating to each of theseentries are found in the budget itself.What did I do to make my Budget breakdown sheet?I investigated how people make low budget films and used thisinformation as a basis of my own one. My investigation saw filmmakers using resources they already had or using theirconnections e.g. schools or offices to provide them with cheap orfree materials. Some even used inexperienced crew and cast withthe promise that they would be able to gain experience and usethe films as credibility for their future jobs.
  3. 3. Production:The PlagueLength:Trailer:1 min (estimate)Location:Brixton, South London, EnglandShooting Dates:8Dec 2011Account # Category Specifics Budget Cost 001 Script & £100 £50 Rights 002 Producer n/a n/a 003 Director n/a n/a 004 Cast £800 £800ABOVE THE LINE TOTAL:£900 £850 005 Travel £750 £750 006 Hotel & £300 £250 Lodging 007 Food Free Free 008 Camera Kit, Crew, £200 £200 Expendables 009 Lighting Kit, Crew, £200 £200 Expendables 010 Sound Kit, Crew, £250 £250 Accessories 011 Locations Fees & Permits Free Free 012 Art Dept Props,Wardrobe,etc. £200 £150 013 Office Paper supplies, fax, Free Free Expenses internet etc. 014 Petty Cash £50 015 Film or Tape £35 £20 Stock 016 Lab Developing,dailies, £100 £100 etc. 018 Editing £200 £200 019 Shipping n/a n/a 020 Still Photos Photographer, film, Free Free developing, etc. 021 Contingency 10% of production costsPRODUCTION TOTAL: £2235 £2170 022 Final Post Conform, colour £50 £50 Online correction, etc. 023 Final Post Mix Sound mixing £100 £50 session 024 Marketing Festival fees, £30 £25 screeners, postageGRAND TOTAL ESTIMATE: £3315GRAND TOTAL BUDGET: £4000ACTUAL GRAND TOTAL: £3145
  4. 4. How does my budget breakdown sheet work?Producer & Director: My partner and I are taking these rolesand are funding the film ourselves so no payment is required forus. We are hoping to get noticed in the industry.Script: We worked alongside a professional writer to come up witha concept.Cast: From local drama schoolPayment: Low pay, possibility of getting noticed by industry,gaining experienceCrew: Placed add in a paper for film crewPayment: Low pay, gain experience.Hospitality: Stayed in low priced hotel for one night as shootingtook place nearby, over two days. Had family provide food for crewand cast.Travel: Hired coach for two daysProps, clothing, and makeup: Cast wore own clothes for some ofthe trailer, bought extra costumes and makeup from a party shop.Did makeup ourselves as we are experienced.Location: Scouted out available, free locations and found anabandoned estate we were allowed to film on.Editing: Edited ourselves but had to pay for equipment to use instudios etc.Promotions etc:Paid a small fee for film festival entry andpostage.Extras: Used school and work for ‘office materials’ and was verycareful with money so didn’t have much petty cash.