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History of horror


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History of horror

  1. 1. History Of Horror For my project I have decided to look at the horror genre for my research. I have to study this as I have takeninterest in the genre and enjoy it. In this presentation I will look at the history of my chosen genre. By looking at the history I will be able to take note of on going conventions and patterns within the genre. I can then use these observations in my own project.
  2. 2. Serial killers Vicious animals Demons Ghosts Supernatural Gore Vampires Zombies Torture Satanism Ancient curses Evil forces Werewolves Haunted houses
  3. 3. The first depictions of It was in the early 1930s that supernatural events appear American film producers,in several of the silent shorts particularly Universal Pictures Co. created by film pioneers Inc. popularized the horror film, such as Georges Méliès in bringing to the screen a series of the late 1890s, the most successful Gothic features including notable being his 1896 Le Dracula (1931) and Frankenstein Manoir du diable "The (1931), some of which blended House of the Devil" which is science fiction films with Gothicsometimes credited as being horror, such as James Whales The the first horror film. Invisible Man (1933).
  4. 4. With advances in technology that occurred in the 1950s, the tone ofhorror films shifted from the gothic toward concerns that some saw as being more relevant to the late- Century audience. The horror film was seen to fall into two sub- In 1964, the financial successes of genres: the horror-of-armageddon the low-budget gore films, and thefilm and the horror-of-the-demonic critical and popular success of film. Rosemarys Baby (1968), led to theA stream of low-budget productions release of more films with occult featured humanity overcoming themes in the 1970s, such as The threats from "outside": alien Exorcist (1973), and scores of other invasions and deadly mutations to horror films in which the Devil people, plants, and insects, most represented the supernatural evil. notably in films imported fromJapan, whose society had first-handknowledge of the effects of nuclear radiation.
  5. 5. In the first half of the 1990s, the genre continued many of the The start of the 2000s saw a themes from the 1980s. Sequels quiet period for the genre. from the Childs Play and Franchise films such as FreddyLeprechaun series enjoyed some vs. Jason made a stand incommercial success. The Slasher theatres. Final Destinationfilms A Nightmare on Elm Street, (2000) marked a successful Friday the 13th, and Halloween revival of teen-centred horror all saw sequels in the 1990s, and spawned four sequels. The most of which met with varied Jeepers Creepers series was amounts of success at the box also successful office