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Evaluation Question


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Here i have evaluated my products in terms of digital technologies used for research, planning, production and evaluation.
This is evaluation question four.

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Evaluation Question

  1. 1. EVALUTAION QUESTION: HOW DID YOU USE MEDIA TECHNOLGOIES IN THE CONSTRUCTION AND RESEARCH, PLANNING AND EVALUTION STAGES? Throughout the whole year I used a range of different media technologies in order to broaden my skills within the internet technologies as well as present my work in visually appealing and different ways. The platforms I used varied in the range of presentation techniques as well as the simplicity to use and embed onto my blog to track my progress.
  2. 2. RESEARCH AND PLANNING SECTIONS :  Blogger- Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was bought and gained ownership from google in 2003. This platform become my portfolio for uploading any work I did during the whole process of my project, it is not only free enabling me to use it as much as I like but it is also easy to use and connected with a Gmail account of which I already had. I liked the feature of blogger that enabled me to upload tags and labels to certain entries, which allowed me to organise my work chronologically and categorically making it easier for me to keep track of the work I had uploaded as well as aided my teacher in checking my work- labels I made included a spate label for the research section of my blog, and Individual labels for planning of each product type. Furthermore there is a feature that enables you to go back and edit certain posts, so that I can alter any faults within my uploaded work, ensuring my project is both up to date and presented to a high standard. Blogger enabled me to embed PowerPoints, from the platform slide share, as well as Prezi’s, popplets and maze presentations, which enabled me not only to demonstrate a wide range of blogging tools but also made my blog look more ascetically [leasing and interesting. I downloaded the blogger app to my android phone which was very useful, as it gave me choice in deciding where to upload, as well as transportability, so that I could upload work while on the move.
  3. 3. Microsoft office (inclusive of word, PowerPoint)- The use of Microsoft office (1988) was very aiding in all sections of project. This included research, planning, production and evaluative processes. This was useful, as because at my home computer has this downloaded software which enabled me to work on my blog at home, and also meant that I was familiar with the software making it quick and easy to make presentations. Throughout all sections of my production, I used Microsoft power point to create presentations of which enabled me to visually present my work, and then uploaded these presentations onto my slidshare account an easy platform in which I could easy embed into my blog, at the right size. Microsoft word also enabled me to write more formal written feedbacks and proposals to put forward which when uploaded to scribd could again be easily uploaded onto my blog. This allowed a formal presentation of my work, of which was easy to read and connote.
  4. 4. YouTube- YouTube is a fantastic platform to use, especially during my research and production stages, as for my research section I was able to use it to watch lots of music videos cofnromative of the indie pop genre, of which aided me in the identification of key codes and conventions that can be included in my own music video. For example, I watched lots of Recent YouTube music videos from little mix and Ellie Goulding, conformative of the indie pop musical genre, and by doing this it enabled me to emphasise and further advance my products as I was able to make influenced decisions based on these successful existing music videos.
  5. 5. PRODUCTION PROCESS: I Mac- This piece of hardware aided me when it came to producing my products, because of the need for specialised software such as abode Photoshop and final cut pro which are only present on the I mac. This proved slightly difficult however, because it meant that the only time I could focus on my production work was at school, where the macs were located. Moreover, however these software’s present on the mac enabled me to produce professional, high quality products conforamtive of the conventions included in successful existing products on the market today.
  6. 6. Professional camera- for my products, I had to both use a camera to take shots to use on my album cover and magazine advertimsent as well as a the usage when filming my footage to include in my music video. For this I used a professional SLR camera which was of the brand cannon. This was very useful as not only was it relatively easy to use, but the results it gave were of the highest standard possible and therefore meant by product was representative of existing products on the market today. The feature of autofocus was useful because, especially with my lack of professional experience it enabled me to capture high quality shots, to use for all of my many products. The SD card in the camera was useful as it was easy to transfer our footage from the camera onto the computer and then transfer into our chosen software, to edit. In addition the battery life of the camera was around four hours enabling us to spend lots of time capturing shots, before we had to recharge the camera, useful in our music video as we were out and about a lot capturing nature shots, and therefore did not have charging facilities.
  7. 7. Final Cut- This was a software we used when editing our music video. It was very easy to use, on the macs at school and luckily has lots of publicity on the internet enabling sui to use you tube and other internet sites for guidance if we had any difficulties. This software is one used by many professionals enabling us to produce a high quality video, furthermore it was easy to transfer onto you tube enabling us to upload drafts to get more audience feedback. It also had an vast array of special effects such as the slow motion effect and the opacity of overlaying shots enabling us to include some really good features in our music video making it look more professional and even more conformative of the indie pop genre.
  8. 8.  Abode Photoshop- When producing my textual products I used the software abode Photoshop to edit and carte them. This enabled me to include many creative features in my products, such as the overlaying text layers, with the text/typography behind the main image, further enhancing the interest and quality of my product and making it more representative of the indie pop musical genre. I was able to use other tools on this site to enhance the aesthetic appearance of my product, lading to further success, for example I added a red, blue, green colour split which enabled the product to look more interesting and of a higher standard more conformative of the indie pop genre. This tools was easy to use, and again the internet sites such as you tube and Goole search engines, enabled us to get any guidance needed when producing the products. The editing tools enabled me to edit my images making them look more professional, for example the brush tool enabled me to tidy up stray hairs on my models, enhancing he quality of my product. Furthermore the measurement adjustment enabled me to adjust the size of my album cover (square) and magazine advertisement (rectangular) enabling them to be further conformative of existing products which have a specific size depending on the actual product. This software also enabled me to copy layers, such as the album cover onto the top half of the magazine advertisement which strengthened my brand identity and also made my product more conformative of the indie pop genre.
  9. 9. EVALUATION PROCESS:  Evaluation- For my evaluation questions I used an array of different technologies to present each individual question, sites which included, Slideshare, Emaze, Popplet and Scrid. These programmes enabled me to make my products aesthetically pleasing and separated each question making it distinguishable for the moderator. They also enabled my work to look interesting and appealing, further empathising the quality of my work. What I enjoyed about each of these software’s, was not only that they were free and easy to use, but also each of them had special features and enabled me to include images so I could visually present the point I was making when reflecting back on my entire project. This enhanced the point I was making and also made the work look more interesting. Each of these products are also easily embedded into my blog, making it easier for me to present my work within the deadline. By using these free sites I have also been able to broaden my skills in different software programmes which I can now use in future ventures and products to improve my presentation skills I those too.
  10. 10. • Overall I can suggest media technologies have been very useful in all sections of my media project, not only because they have enabled my work to look more aesthetically pleasing and of a higher more interesting quality, but also because they have enabled me to present my work in an organised ways.