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The 30s can rock


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What keeps teachers motivated to keep teaching daily for 30 years or more? What is the connection between polar explorers and teachers? See teachers' responses from all over the world and find out!

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The 30s can rock

  1. 1. The 30’S CAN ROCK! Staying Motivated when Teaching for 30 years or more! Naomi Ganin-Epstein
  2. 2. Have you heard of the Polar Explorer (and mother of triplets) Ann Daniels?
  3. 3. She overcame many hardships on her journeys to the Poles. Ann is the recipient of the “Pride of Britain” Award. GRIT!
  4. 4. DID THE ICE CARE? Photo by Iddo Epstein
  5. 5. Teachers face a multitude of hardships, over and over, week in, week out, year after year…
  6. 6. Hardships such as these… • A/C systems • Behavior • Cheating • Dead tired • Exams • Fidget Spinners • Grading systems • Heterogeneous classes • Impoliteness • Janitors • Keys (lost) • Learning Disabilities • Meetings (endless) • Negative (attitudes) • Overtime • Parents • Quizzes • Respect (lack of)
  7. 7. …and these… • Salary • Time (lack of) • Unreasonable (demands) • Vacations spent on grading • Weight (of bags) • Xeroxing (out of pocket) • Yard duty • Zzzzz (never enough) These are just a few of the hardships - just the tip of the iceberg, really!
  8. 8. Considering there are no medals to be had, I asked… “What keeps you motivated to keep teaching after at least 30 years in the profession”?
  9. 9. 56 Teachers, from 17 countries replied! • Israel • Canary Islands • Australia • Austria • Belarus • Global (online) • Greece • Guatemala • Russia • Japan • Malta • Poland • Turkey • UK • USA • Ukraine • Vietnam
  10. 10. 12 of those teachers have been teaching for more than 40 years! 1 for 52 years!
  11. 11. Their message is loud and clear: Students DO CARE! Teachers matter!
  12. 12. 31 years 36 years “I love the challenge of making it work”. Mitzi Geffen, Israel “I have the feeling I learn something new with each lesson and with every student”. Marjorie Rosenberg, Austria
  13. 13. 35 years “When my 12th grade students kiss me goodbye for the last time, tell me how much they loved my lessons, how much I taught them not only English but also about life and they promise they will visit…” Sara Vatik, Israel
  14. 14. 30 years “Listening, learning and laughing with my high school kids”! Arlene B. U.S.A 30 years “I keep what I give”. David Deubelbeiss Guatemala
  15. 15. 30 years “When it’s good, it’s very very good”. Jack Pillemer, Israel
  16. 16. 32 years “I’m just passionate about people, getting to know them, learning from them, giving them better prospects in life, being creative with lessons, reinventing the wheel, affecting learners yet making them autonomous”. Jean Sciberras, Malta
  17. 17. 32 years “There is nothing else I know how to do and I need to do something for a living and in any case I love being in a classroom and I love the students”. Phil Keegan, Vietnam
  18. 18. 34 years 45 years “… The pleasure of challenging young minds, encouraging them to stretch their minds, to talk and think”. Veronica Foldes, Israel “The variety and the students”. Marie Pettigrew UK and abroad
  19. 19. Israel “It's what I do and who I am; it's my essence; touching lives and being touched”. Rochel Mizrahi, Israel
  20. 20. 31 years “The fun never ends”! Laura Woodward, Turkey 30 years “I feel I have a mission to accomplish” Esther Esses, Israel
  21. 21. Over 30… “Those moments when a student appreciates your hard work in supporting them, either verbally or- even better - in writing”. Nancy Peled, Israel
  22. 22. 35 years 30 years “Seeing how the students improve”. Karenza, Spain “Passion for teaching, love for students and positive energy”. Beata, Poland
  23. 23. 45 years "Everything is in an eternal flux of change. Things appear and vanish." However what we give to others can't be taken from us. I still enjoy teaching because I feel I can make a difference in my students' lives. Mina Tzur, Israel
  24. 24. How to stay Motivated?!! • Try new things! • Find a hobby! • Keep learning! • Attend conferences! • Build your own online support staff room! • Marry a supportive spouse! •Remember that you make a difference! 32 years
  25. 25. 37 years 35 years “Appreciation from my students” Renee, Israel “The thrill of having the privilege of helping people to learn”. Amadeu, Spain
  26. 26. 52 years “My vision that everyone can learn to learn and consequently make a difference in their lives”. Rachel Segev Miller, Israel
  27. 27. “The sense of mission” Bronia. Israel 30 years “Love of the students and belief that the work is vital”. Debby Friedman, Israel 32 years
  28. 28. 34 years “Teaching is never boring, it's a constant challenge and the kids are quite funny”! Michele Ben, Israel
  29. 29. 33 years I'm still trying to work that out in a way that doesn't sound clichéd! Jan Wright, Spain
  30. 30. 36 years Digital pedagogy innovations, keeping it fresh and new every day! Adele Raemer, Israel
  31. 31. 42 years “Teaching keeps me young and energetic!” Avigail Livne, Israel 38 years “The illusion of my students.” María del Pino, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  32. 32. 33 Years “The kids are what keeps me going and the joy I get from interacting with them!” Sandy Regev, Israel
  33. 33. 39 Years Hearing, “Yesterday I was on the bus and I understood the people around me”. Pauline, Australia
  34. 34. 32 years “The STUDENTS who come in all shapes and sizes with a range of abilities”. Sarah, Israel 45 years “A love of life, a love of children and a great curiosity about the world around me”. Patricia Reifen, Israel
  35. 35. 37 years “I do enjoy both seeing students gaining confidence and improving the ways to assist them in it”. Anna Yermolenko, Russia
  36. 36. 33 years “Belief in and love for the students. Also knowing it makes a difference to the students long after we part”. Debby Zweibach, Israel
  37. 37. 34 years 30 or so… “The idea that I can still make a difference in students' lives”. Susan Bedein, Israel “The same as 34 years ago, I still love the profession and the pupils”. Sharon Shapira, Israel
  38. 38. 31 years "Forever changing what I do in class”. Wendy Segal, Israel 35 years “I like imparting knowledge”. Tsippi Sandler, Israel
  39. 39. 32 years 32 years “I still really enjoy connecting with teens”. Fruma Cohen, Israel “Constantly creating a buzz in the classroom which inspires and motivates students to do their best whatever age, level or ability”. Susan Hillyard, Global
  40. 40. Almost 30 years “My joy at imparting knowledge and seeing that the students have learnt, but I am very lucky to work with a supportive team in a wonderful school”. Jackie Keller, Israel
  41. 41. 48 years Teaching is my anchor - my life outside the class is irrelevant. I pull myself together. Miriam Lapid, Israel
  42. 42. “….Observing the brilliant careers my ex- students are making; and I just love my job. There is no better job than teaching English, because you are continuously looking for information and materials, and keep learn so many exciting things three to ten years ahead of those who do not speak English. And you feel great talking with students. They keep you updated too”. Valentina Holubeva, Belarus israel 33 years
  43. 43. 47 years “The interaction with the younger generation keeps me invigorated. I enjoy the process and the outcome”. Anna Kilevich
  44. 44. Almost 30 “I love to see the students progress and discover the English language and find it useful to learn not for grades but for active life”. Marthe Ohana, Israel
  45. 45. 34 years “The challenge of learning to see through student posturing to the hearts behind it, and learning to listen to 'wants' and identifying the 'needs' that students don't know how to communicate”. Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, Japan
  46. 46. 34 Years “The connection with my students”. Ellen Haskell, Israel
  47. 47. The following are responses from teachers who have been teaching for less than 30 years but added their thoughts…
  48. 48. • “The key motivation is progress of my students, my own experience, growth and constant professional development”. (Dmitri Stepanov, Belarus) • “Money”, Elena Sivtsova, Russia • “ I love what I do”. Cristina Cabal, Spain • “Every class is different, just find the way to reach them”. Sara G. , Israel • “Thankful students, please”! Elena, Ukraine • Variety - I've taught from age 3 to 73 - never boring. “ Marlene, Israel
  50. 50. Teachers ROCK! Thank you for coming!