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June is Take your Camera to Class month


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June is an opportunity for me to answer that eternal question -
"What does a multi-level, mixed age, learning center for teaching English as a foreign language really look like"?!
So now you can join this teacher of English for Deaf and hard of hearing students for a morning at work!

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June is Take your Camera to Class month

  1. 1. June is “Take your Camera to Class” Month! By Naomi Ganin Epstein Yehud Comprehensive High-School Israel
  2. 2. If you were joining me one fine morning in June, our journey to class would begin by…
  3. 3. …taking the road that leads to the parking lot.
  4. 4. We would park by the fence and check on the status of the field on the other side.
  5. 5. I promise to point out the weird, tall cactus on the way to the front gate.
  6. 6. Yes, you are right. we sometimes have school assemblies under the sun-sails.
  7. 7. Let’s walk slowly down the corridor (and a half) to the English Room, because...
  8. 8. I’d like you to see the bell ring. Lights flash in every corridor. B.T.W – That musical ring you hear? Its genre is changed every two months or so.
  9. 9. Welcome to the English Room for Deaf & hard of hearing students! Let me give you the grand tour!
  10. 10. It’s a multi – level learning center for three grades. Kids get up, move between stations. No scraping chairs for us! Yup, tennis balls on the chairs.
  11. 11. Oh, so you like the closet? Thanks!
  12. 12. Sneaking in prepositions, with a nod to Robert Frost.
  13. 13. Books & notebooks go into a box… (bottom part of the closet) worksheets go into the binders.
  14. 14. Go ahead, open a literature binder. We have charts to keep track of the different pieces we work on at the same time.
  15. 15. Our class library is small… But the school library has a nice selection of readers.
  16. 16. No, no, those boxes aren’t games. They are writing prompts. We keep the games over here.
  17. 17. The curtains are bunched up like that to protect the computers from baking in the sun. Though we have some lovely trees outside the window. Birds stop by.
  18. 18. There, you must be feeling the A/C by now, it takes a minute to kick in. Getting the map under the A/C to stay put was a bit challenging…
  19. 19. Cool, Huh?
  20. 20. “Breaking News” is for latest praise. When we run out of space… … notes are moved to individual pockets on the left.
  21. 21. Ah, I see you did notice the extra doors (was it the forgotten umbrella?). The room used to be one of three connected laboratories.
  22. 22. The height of the whiteboard is also a remnant of the laboratory days. No frontal teaching, mainly used as a giant notepad. Still organizing the teacher’s desk…
  23. 23. Believe me, I’d be delighted if I could get a hold of a world map that was actually in English. Any suggestions?
  24. 24. Well, that’s the grand tour! Please come again when the students are here, and see learning in action! Or…. Do you think you can find your way back to the parking lot?
  25. 25. Follow us virtually at… Thank you for coming!