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How to do badly on your exam


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Reminding high-school students of the things they must not do before and during their final exams.

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How to do badly on your exam

  1. 1. How to Do VERY BADLY on Your Final Exams BY: NAOMI EPSTEIN
  2. 2. Part One Before the Exam
  3. 3. Go to sleep really really late the night before the exam… I’m so tired … I can’t concentrate… “Tormented” reproduced by kind permission of Chiew Pang © All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. The morning of the exam: a. Leave the house at the very last minute! • b. Don’t take any water or food! You CAN’T enter the room now! Candies are NOT food!
  5. 5. Leave your dictionary and pencilbox at home! My friends and I will all share everything during the exam. Nobody cares, right?
  6. 6. Use a pencil! So what if my test won’t be checked?
  7. 7. Write your answers where it says “don’t write here”. • It doesn’t matter if the tester can’t see that part of the answer, right?
  8. 8. Don’t worry about how clear your answer looks! Does it matter?!
  9. 9. Forget which parts of the test you don’t have to do… • … and work very quickly so you can do everything! Slow down…
  10. 10. Don’t wear a watch… • You can ask your friends what the time is. Or… • You can check the time on your cell-phone, You must be kidding…
  11. 11. Part Three After the Exam
  12. 12. If you did the things we discussed, then you will know… …that you tried your best to do very badly on your important exam. AND …that you might be accused of cheating. … that your exam might not be checked at all.
  13. 13. Think about all of this.
  14. 14. Be smart and do the right thing!