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Common mistakes how


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Common mistakes that students make on the reading section of their BAGRUT exams. Part TWO

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Common mistakes how

  1. 1. Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make on your Exam “Tormented” reproduced by kind permission of Chiew Pang © All Rights Reserved By Naomi Ganin-Epstein
  2. 2. Mistake Number Two
  3. 3. I see … in the text: In the “Game Room” we have many games, such as board games and puzzles. Open every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. I see … in the question: Q: How many times a week is the Game Room open? I answer: Many games such as board games and puzzles. x
  4. 4. Look again! Q: How many times a week is the Game Room open? It is open every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 times
  5. 5. Now check and see if you know the difference between •How many….? •How much…? •How long…? •How often…? •How old…?
  6. 6. Questions That Begin With The Word “HOW” Photos: Copyright © Gil Epshtein
  7. 7. First - answer the question . Then – check your answer. Good luck!
  8. 8. How often does he go fishing? a – Because he needs the money. b – Five days a week. c – Early in the morning.
  9. 9. How often…? He goes fishing five days a week.
  10. 10. How long did it take to build this castle? a – 35 years. b – 150 metres. c – A long time ago.
  11. 11. How long…? It took 35 years to build this castle.
  12. 12. How long is this squirrel's tail? a – 20 centimeters. b – The long tail helps the squirrel climb trees. c – Squirrels always have long tails.
  13. 13. How long…? The tail is 20 centimeters long.
  14. 14. How many people are in the boat? a – It is a big boat. b – Two people are in the boat. c – It costs $10 an hour to rent the boat.
  15. 15. How many…? Two people are in the boat.
  16. 16. How much does the corn cost? a – 3 pieces of corn. b – One dollar. c – I like corn very much!
  17. 17. How much…? It costs a dollar.
  18. 18. How old is this child? a – He’s not old, he’s young. b – He looks old because of his clothes. c – He’s 2 years old.
  19. 19. How old…? He’s two years old.