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Social Media Overview


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An overview of effective use of social media as a business marketing tool. Summary of the various applications of social media for business.

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Social Media Overview

  1. 1. Social Media Training, Mentoring and Management
  2. 2. Dangers of Not Using Social MediaMany businesses are aware of the benefits of having asocial media presence but are still watching from thesidelines.No point getting involved just for the sake of it, orbecause everyone else is - but there are risks if you don’t.If you decide to take the plunge, you’ll need a strategy
  3. 3. Social Media is a way of……MarketingBuilding communitiesPursuing relationshipsFinding a jobCustomer serviceCrowdsourcingFundraisingSharingand above all, being social!
  4. 4. Implement Learn about your audience Who and where are they? What is their personality? Where do they hang out? Choose appropriate channels Listen Establish goals Build your online presence
  5. 5. IntegrateUse social networks to drive traffic to your website/blogAdd social sharing icons to every post and pageAdd your social profiles to: Business cards Email signature Forum signature Brochures/leaflets Email newsletters
  6. 6. EngagePost useful informationAsk questionsComment on other peoples’ updatesOffer helpRecommend someoneBe consistentBe relevantRemember the 80:20 rule!
  7. 7. OptimiseConsider automationTrack your resultsBe consistent!
  8. 8. Recommendations Start small Be yourself Build a community Use your time efficiently Don’t get distracted Always reply to comments/questions Be consistent! Ask for help if you’re stuck
  9. 9. Thanks for listening!Connect with me @PurrfectSocial    Phone or email me 01777 249075 
  10. 10. Thanks for listening!Connect with me @PurrfectSocial    Phone or email me 01777 249075 