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  1. 1. 150 150 10
  2. 2. 150 E-Mail: Emotional Support Plan of the Enormous Earthquake in East Japan 2011 6 1 2011 12 31 Ouji Hall (TBD), each of the disaster and evacuation sites Non-Profit-Organization POP LIFE JAPAN □ Behörde □ Kommune □ gemeinnützige Organisation □ Schule □ Unternehmen □ Kulturorganisation ☑ private Organisation □ President and CEO Naoki MIYANO : : La Tour Shinjuku, Nishi-Shinju, Shinjuku-ward TOKYO : E-Mail : Naoki MIYANO 090-3337-2336 Fax 03-3349-8407 URL :( ) : Japanisch-Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V., Tokyo (requested basis) : radioactive contamination : Economical support by holding charity concerts at Ouji Hall in Tokyo Gathering and reporting thru Internet media of the real Information of suffers by earthquake and radioactive contamination, so, mass medias can’t work indeed Emotional and mental care of suffers at the disaster and evacuation sites :
  3. 3. : To hold concerts continuously of German Lied (i.e. 3B of Bach Beethoven andBrahms) and Japanese traditional songs in Tokyo To go to man damaged sites with a camera or a video, and reporting to share thereal and fact situation though internet social medias To hold concerts for emotional and mental care of suffers at the disaster andevacuation sites☑ ○○ ○○ Germany and Japan cooperative Project of EnormousEarthquake in East Japan☑□ Empfang □ Fest☑ Konzert/Opern/Ballet/Bühnenveranstaltung□ Symposium/Vortrag □ Ausstellung□ Wettbewerb □ Sport☑ Sonstiges□ öffentliche Mittel ☑ Zuwendungen von Unternehmen☑ Zuwendungen □ Eintrittspreise ☑ Mitgliedsbeiträge□ Eigenmittel□ Sonstiges HP