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Autocorr autism

Presentation slides for
Takamitsu Watanabe, Geraint Rees, Naoki Masuda.
eLife, 8, e42256 (2019).

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Autocorr autism

  1. 1. Atypical intrinsic neural timescale in autism Naoki Masuda In collaboration with Takamitsu Watanabe & Geraint Rees Ref: Watanabe, Rees, Masuda, eLife, 8, e42556 (2019).
  2. 2. Intrinsic neural timesale • a.k.a. temporal receptive window, temporal receptive field
  3. 3. Aim • “Intrinsic neural timescale” — How fast/slow the autocorrelation of neural activity (at a given location / neuron) decays • e.g. frontal, parietal > sensory areas (human, macaque) • High-functioning adults with autism • Known for: impaired global integration of diverse info, over-enhancement of individual inputs • Dependence on where in the brain? • Not about the networks • Relevance to cognitive functions? • Previous literature: large timescale ~ robust sensory perception, stable memory processing, accurate decision making
  4. 4. Data • Resting-state fMRI • Also validation by two other data sets (ETH Zürich data and Indiana University data)
  5. 5. gamma-band EEG signals
  6. 6. frontal, parietal > sensorimotor, visual, auditory
  7. 7. • bilateral postcentral gyri • right interior parietal robule (IPL) • right middle insula • bilateral middle temporal gyri (MTG) • right inferior occipital gyrus (IOG) sensory/visual areas
  8. 8. • right caudate
  9. 9. ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) ~ severity of autism ADOS (RRB) ~ cognitive rigidity
  10. 10. across-participant average One of the 360 brain regions A participant A participant with ASD
  11. 11. Development trajectories
  12. 12. Discussion • Large GMV → more repetitive neural activity patterns → larger autocorrelation (larger intrinsic timescale) ? • Computational studies? • Likewise, large intrinsic timescales (and temporal receptive windows) imply high ability of local brain areas to pool, normalise and complete information. • Again, computational accounts? • Speed of neural dynamics? Rather corresponds to low intrinsic timescales? • Role of local recurrent connectivity? Inh? Exc? • Low time resolution of data • Ref • Watanabe, Rees, Masuda, eLife, 8, e42556 (2019). • Insight Article by Gollo, eLife, 8, e45089 (2019).