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Literature review


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Literature review

  1. 1. Literature review S1150046 Naoki Okazaki
  2. 2. Outline ・purpose to make literature review ・Check reviews before ・items should be included in literature review ・About the contents of the article    ・The author of the article    ・The presentation of the problem    ・Approach method
  3. 3. purpose to make literature review ・For reader Convey of the topic ・For oneself 1. knowledge, idea 2. strengths, weaknesses Improvement of the ability 1. Judge whether it helps oneself 2. Analysis to confirm an effective study
  4. 4. Check reviews before ・How does this literature support my research? ・Is a range of literature review appropriate in the field of the study? ・The literature review is appropriate, and does the reader understand that it is useful Must satisfy the following:
  5. 5. items should be included in literature review ・Whether directly related to my research ・What is known, and what is not known? ・What is the point that must push forward a study?
  6. 6. About the contents of the article : The author of the article ・ Include literature of the same viewpoint     - Right evaluation and reference are necessary ・ Do not become emotional - Must be inferred objectively
  7. 7. About the contents of the article : The presentation of the problem ・ Clearly stated that the issue ・ How is an article related to he's study? ・ Clarify the importance of the article
  8. 8. About the contents of the article : Approach method ・ Different perspectives and effective approach ・ Understand the structure of discussion ・The process is effective and accurate results