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  1. 1. Sea Buckthorn Berry Collection Food for Free Foraging Event Saturday 19th October 2013 Bull Island Interpretative Centre Talk on Sea-Buckthorn and how to cook it: Sea nd Chef Liam Mol Moloughney of Award Winning Moloughney s Restaurant , Clontarf Moloughney’s 11:00 am Collection Of Sea Buckthorn Berries 11:30 am – 1.30 pm Sea Buckthorn is an invasive species for the unique habitats on Bull Island. species Dispersal of it’s berries by birds at this time of year is the main way by which it spreads on the island. The berries are one of the most plant enriched source berries sources of vitamin C , 15 times more concentrated than oranges. They can be used for jams and preserves, pies, lotions. Help us conserve the habitat by preserves, pies habitat collecting the berries. The bush is thorny so BRING GLOV bush GLOVES and Secateurs. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Niamh Ni Cholmain , Biodiversity Awareness 222-3369 email