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Xpp quality cases


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Organizational Understanding | Outgoing Preparation Seminar Online

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Xpp quality cases

  1. 1. AIESEC support system XPP
  2. 2. Content • international contract – responsibilities as an exchange participant – responsibilities for the hosting LC – responsibilities for the sending LC • breaking a match • breaking a realization
  3. 3. International contract • contains explanation of responsibilities for YOU as exchange participant LC that will host you during your project / internship LC that will send you abroad
  4. 4. Your responsibilities as exchange participant – before match • communicate effectively & fast – respond to e-mails in a respective time frame (48hrs) • send your document in the required timeframe • be proactive and search/apply for projects • be open-minded
  5. 5. Your responsibilities as exchange participant – after match • inform yourself  visa requirements  insurance & health checks  living conditions • neighborhoods • cost of living
  6. 6. hosting Local Committee (LC) • gives you a support system – being approachable in terms of questions • key contact information – contact person and contact phone – address of LC – rules and regulations within the foreign country  If you have not received the info yet even though you are matched already – please ask them now
  7. 7. hosting Local Committee (LC) • supports you  to find a flat (there is no guarantee!)  in case you need to • open bank account • register at the country • visit a doctor‘s  Depends on your hosting LC – please ask if support is needed in advance • checks on your safety • integration into LC activities
  8. 8. sending Local Committee (LC) in Germany • communication with local committee – provide contact person • support system • check on safety of the exchange participant
  9. 9. What can go wrong...?
  10. 10. match break • may take place if – required documents are not sent within 2 weeks – emergency in family occurs (proof required) – dangerous circumstances in foreign country exist – health issues occur (proof required)
  11. 11. realization break • same as match break • no official working permit • exchange job is different from job description
  12. 12. Summary • no financial penalties for you • depending on situation there might be a new internship • be open-minded and inform yourself