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4 storied building superstructure construction proposal


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This is my first presentation.I create this and i discover very new thing of super structure.

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4 storied building superstructure construction proposal

  1. 1. 4 Storied building construction Proposal Super Structure
  2. 2. Site Overview
  3. 3. Introduce Client –Mr. Zakir Hossain Suman Address -House36,Road-13 Nikunja-1,Khilkhat Dhaka-1205 Company -TASK J MHM Ltd. Address -House-5,Road-9, Sector-7,Uttara, Dhaka-1230
  4. 4. Site location
  5. 5. Proposed Drawing
  6. 6. Room layout plan
  7. 7. Plan of Floor Beam
  8. 8. Details drawing
  9. 9. Specification of Structure
  10. 10. SUPER STRUCTURE Column Superstructure Related Items Beam Floor Slab Brick Wall Superstructure of a building is the portion of the structure above the foundation. It provides the necessary utility of the building with comfort, structural safety ,ventilation etc.
  11. 11. Outlines Resources Proposed Budget Financial Ability Management Time Schedule
  12. 12. •Materials & Products • Equipment items • Labor service Resources
  13. 13. Management Planning Project Controlling Quality Control Laboratory Section Mechanical Section Safety Team
  14. 14. Time Schedule Mobilization-----------------05.12.2014 – 11.12.2014 R.C.C Casting Ground Floor Column-------------------12.12.2014 – 20.12.2014 Roof Beam & Slab------21.12.2014 – 8.01.2015 1st Floor -------------10.01.2015 – 10.02.2015 2nd Floor ------------12.02.2015 – 10.03.2015 3rd Floor ------------12.03.2015 – 10.04.2015 4th Floor ------------12.04.2015 – 10.05.2015
  15. 15. Time-Table Brick Work Ground Floor-------01.02.2015 – 10.02.2015. 1st Floor -------------06.03.2015 – 15.03.2015. 2nd Floor ------------03.04.2015 – 12.04.2015. 3rd Floor ------------04.05.2015 – 13.05.2015. 4th Floor ------------03.06.2015 – 12.06.2015 De-Mobilization-------13.06.2015 – 19.06.2015. Hand Over--------------20.06.2015. Total Completion the Project – 6 Month 15 Days.
  16. 16. Test of Materials
  17. 17. Sand Test Test FM Analysis
  18. 18. Reinforcement All reinforcement steel to be used shall be the steel(ISO-9002 certified) 60-grade deformed bars.
  19. 19. Brick
  20. 20. Aggregates Test
  21. 21. Slump of Concrete Instrument Test
  22. 22. Concrete test
  23. 23. Site Safety Issue
  24. 24. Safety In Site
  25. 25. Shuttering Work
  26. 26. Proposed Budget
  27. 27. Financial Ability
  28. 28. General Terms & Conditions  PAYMENTS- All payments of earnest money, installments, additional works and other charges shall be made by bank draft or A/C payee cheque in favor of TASKJMHM for which respective receipts will be issued. Details payment schedule will submit at the agreement.  PANALTY-If the payment is delayed beyond 30 days TASKJMHM shall have the right to cancel the allotment.  REFUND- If ,for any reason beyond the control of TASKJMHM Ltd the implementation of the project is abandoned, company will refund to the Earnest Money and all installments deposited within 30 days from the announcement made to this effect.  LIABILITY- Our company are fully liable for construction procedure overall the projects. We are also responsible for all materials we are supplied.  MONITORING AND EVALUATION- Monitoring and Evaluation is an important part of the project proposal. We are responsible for overall project first to up to handover to the Client.
  29. 29. Conclusion and Recommendation Our all projects implemented by following Bangladesh national building code(BNBC) for safer living of city dwellers. Our the experienced team are tasked in ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget. Construction of 4 storied residential building of super structure part will be cost approximately 6.894 million. The proposed project is capable to bring a good atmosphere to the residents.
  30. 30. I would like to thank all of you for listening our speech such a long time with patience.