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  1. 1. WORDPRESS <ul><li>Word press is open source blog publishing application powered by PHP and My SQL.
  2. 2. It can be used for content management.
  3. 3. It has plugin architecture and a templating system. </li></ul>
  4. 4. FEATURES OF WORDPRESS <ul><li>Widgets
  5. 5. Themes
  6. 6. Integrated link management ie. Search engines and permalink structure
  7. 7. Tagging of posts and articles
  8. 8. Trackback and pingback standards for displaying links to other sites.
  9. 9. Plugin architecture
  10. 10. Sidebar widgets for Flickr, del.icio.us, Twitter, and more </li></ul>
  11. 12. TERMS USED IN WORDPRESS Post: It is a method for transmitting information and objects wriiten in documents. Tags: A keyword or a term assigned to a piece of information. Categories: The different ways or kinds of being called.
  12. 14. Media: They are the storage and transmission channels or tools used to store and deliverinformation or data. Media library: It is used to upload the videos and embed them directly on your blog. Link: It is a open source text and graphic web browser with a pull-down menu system.
  13. 16. Page: It contains information about the blog and the address of the company or person whose is publishing the blog. Dashboard: It is an application used for hosting mini-application known as widgets..It is a semi-transparent layer that is invisible to the user unless activated by clicking its icon in the Dock.
  14. 18. Widgets: It is an element of Graphical User Interface that displays an information arrangement changeable by the user, such as a window or a text box. Plugin: It is a small software computer program that extends the capabilities of a larger program.They enable the web browsers to play sound and video clips or automatically decompressing the files.
  15. 21. Archives: An archive is a collection of historical records, as well as the place they are located. Meta: It is used to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from other concept,used to complete or add to the later. Really Simple Syndication: It is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video in a standardized format.
  16. 24. Advantages of wordpress * It’s free * Fast to setup * Easy to learn * Lots of plugins and templates available so you don’t need to be a PHP guru or designer to have a nice looking site with lots of features.
  17. 25. * Easy to modify page templates allowing you to customize the presentation layers to your heart content * Large and active open source community community of people developing add-ons, plugins,themes frequently. * Easy to host with simple requirements
  18. 26. Disadvantages of wordpress <ul><li>Many of the themes have a tendency to look the same or similar.
  19. 27. PHP’s track record for security is pretty
  20. 28. bad.
  21. 29. Database queries may be very heavy. </li></ul>