Few tips for great presentations


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Few tips, examples and hints related to presentation skills. What to do when making a presentation and what should be avoided. To what should you focus. Useful for absolute beginners but skilled professionals could find few hints too.

This presentation was first presented on the SCOPE project organized by IAESTE in Prague (more info at http://get-in-scope.cz/)

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Few tips for great presentations

  1. 1. Tomáš Jukin @Inza Few tips for great presentations
  2. 2. Presentation = YOU + Slides
  3. 3. Presentation = YOU + Slides
  4. 4. Presentation = YOU + Slides
  5. 5. YOU YOU Slides beginner
  6. 6. YOU YOU Slides beginner { Content Delivery
  7. 7. Content YOU Slides beginner
  8. 8. Content Message Structure Recap YOU Slides beginner Do NOTDo
  9. 9. No Message = No REASON to present YOU Slides beginner
  10. 10. Message to Inform to Inspire to Entertain YOU Slides beginner Do NOTDo
  11. 11. Prepare a Message YOU Slides beginner Do NOTDo
  12. 12. Structure = YOU Slides beginner Do NOTDo Subtopic 1 Subtopic 2 Subtopic 3 Subtopic 4 + Recap {
  13. 13. Recap = YOU Slides beginner Do NOTDo I have talked about: A, B, C ,D + And YOU should remember E.
  14. 14. Have MAX of 4 subtopics Make a recap Divide subtopics YOU Slides beginner Do NOTDo
  15. 15. Use that SHITTY roadmap Repeat yourself Teach audience YOU Slides beginner Do NOTDo
  16. 16. Delivery YOU Slides beginner
  17. 17. Delivery YOU Slides beginner Talent Experience Preparation 10% 30% 60%
  18. 18. BE prepared TRY IT! TRY IT AGAIN! YOU Slides beginner Do NOTDo
  19. 19. Memorize & Recite Read slides Turn back YOU Slides beginner Do NOTDo
  20. 20. Stand LEFT to the screen Look at audience Speak clearly YOU SlidesDo NOTDo intermediate
  21. 21. Move on stage without intent Be nervous Skip eye contact YOU SlidesDo NOTDo intermediate
  22. 22. Inspire your audience Use body language Use voice color YOU SlidesDo NOTDo guru
  23. 23. Sense your audience & React Talk beyond slides Use a story YOU SlidesDo NOTDo guru
  24. 24. Be disturbing Focus just on few persons from audience YOU SlidesDo NOTDo guru
  25. 25. Presentation is about YOU, not your slides! YOU Slides guru
  26. 26. Slides beginner SlidesYOU
  27. 27. BE brief BE consistent Use large font beginner Do NOTDo SlidesYOU
  28. 28. Use Bullets Force audience to read Use animations beginner Do NOTDo SlidesYOU
  29. 29. Make things visual Use images (not stealed) Add CC images mentions slide as last one Do NOTDo intermediate SlidesYOU
  30. 30. Make wall of text Add mess to slides (numbers, etc.) Add logo on every slide Do NOTDo intermediate SlidesYOU
  31. 31. Make interesting unusual slides Experiment Make 2 versions of slides - talk & internet Do NOTDo guru SlidesYOU
  32. 32. Play with your slides Use slides as addition, not necessity Be unique, uncommon Do NOTDo guru SlidesYOU
  33. 33. Present things via images, attack feelings, force them to imagine Use http://compfight.com/ for finding CC licensed images Do NOTDo guru SlidesYOU
  34. 34. Be aware of contrast in your slides Your slides should work as PDF export too Do NOTDo guru SlidesYOU
  35. 35. Make a roadmap slide Make a thank you slide Overcrowd your slides Do NOTDo guru SlidesYOU
  36. 36. Use UNnatural photobank images Use text instead of visuals Be lazy when making slides Do NOTDo guru SlidesYOU
  37. 37. Be bound by default templates/ themes, blank theme is a GOOD start too... ...or make your OWN! Do NOTDo guru SlidesYOU
  38. 38. IS IT so much WORK!? PowerPoint bullets were so fast & simple? YES it is! Be creative Man, not a stupid Monkey! guru SlidesYOU
  39. 39. And what is BAD in these slides? ;)
  40. 40. guru SlidesYOU What