WATER project concepts


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Graduate Students from Parsons Design Technologies program propose projects dealing with water issues for their final presentations in the Interface design major studio class, 2010.

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WATER project concepts

  1. 1. MAJOR STUDIO: INTERFACE Final Presentations Professor Victoria Vesna December 14 & 16, 2010 MFA Design and Technology Parsons The New School for Design
  2. 2. MAJOR STUDIO: INTERFACE FINAL Professor Victoria Vesna GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH: THE GAME Nicolas Cinquegrani 12.14.2010
  3. 3. ABSTRACT Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a collaborative board game that aims to call attention to the marine debris in an entertaining and social manner.
  4. 4. CONCEPT | TOPIC A board game that:   - Raises awareness of the Great Pacific       Garbage Patch and marine debris        in general   - Simulates the damaging effects of garbage in the oceans   - Encourages cooperative gameplay and a sense of camaraderie   - Is a fun and challenging experience for        the players
  5. 5. SOCIAL CONTEXT - Ideal for educational exercise and to raise awareness about issues of    pollution and international cooperation - Family game and wide audience - In the future, would be ideal for chat enabled online multiplayer
  6. 6. PANDEMIC by Matt Leacock - Embodiment - Algorithmic "mindless" enemy - Collaborative gameplay
  7. 7. WORLD GAME by  Buckminster Fuller “ Make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.”   - Collaborative gaming   - Games as culture and    education   - Complex game systems
  8. 8. RULES OF PLAY by KATIE SALEN and ERIC ZIMMERMAN - Games as systems: Set of rules, Play, and Culture - Meaningful play - Negative feedback loops - Games as simulations "WHAT DO PROTOTYPES PROTOTYPE?" by Stephanie Houde and Charles Hill - Role, Look and Feel, Implementation and     Integration prototypes - Prototype with a purpose and make it    clear to the tester
  9. 9.  
  10. 10. GAME BOARD
  11. 11. PROTOYPES
  13. 13. REFERENCES - Jacob Silverman, "Why is the world's biggest landfill in the Pacific Ocean", accessed Dec 12, 2010, http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/earth/oceanography/great-pacific-garbage-patch.htm - The Plastics Project, Port Townsend Marine Science Center, accessed Dec 12, 2010, http://www.ptmsc.org/plastics.html - Seaplex, Scripps Institute of Oceanography UC San Diego, accessed Dec 12, 2010, http://sio.ucsd.edu/Expeditions/Seaplex/Science/ - "Pandemic", Board Game Geek, accessed Dec 12, 2010, http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/30549/pandemic - "Designing a Pandemic: lessons learned", Google Tech Talks, April 30, 2008, http://www.youtube.com/watch?        v=cdTVcFo2EQw - "World Game", Buckminster Fuller Institute, accessed Dec 12, 2010, http://www.bfi.org/about-bucky/buckys-big-ideas/world-game - Gene Keys, "Evolution of the Dymaxion Map: An Illustrated Tour and Critique", June 15, 2009, http://www.genekeyes.com/FULLER/BF-6-later-ed.html - O.S. Earth Global Simulations, accessed Dec 12, 2010, http://www.osearth.com/index.shtml - Frank Latz and Eric Zimmerman, "Rules, Play and Culture: Towards an Aesthetic of Games ", accessed Dec 12, 2010, http://www.ericzimmerman.com/texts/RulesPlayCulture.htm - Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman, Rules of Play (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2004) - Stephanie Houde and Charles Hill, "What do Prototypes Prototype?", accessed Dec 12, 2010, http://www.sics.se/fal/kurser/winograd-2004/Prototypes.pdf - Wikimedia Commons, accessed Dec 12, 2010, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page - Apple, accessed Dec 12, 2010, http://www.apple.com/
  14. 27. MAJOR STUDIO: INTERFACE FINAL Professor Victoria Vesna Moving Water Andrew Knaup 12.14.2010
  15. 28. Mobile Floating Evac Bridge A lightweight mobile floating bridge which collapses into Itself and is opened by the power of moving water.
  16. 29. Water Powered Rescue This project is designed to help evacuate people out of flood areas when they have become trapped by rising waters.
  17. 30. Recent Problems: Recent floods around the world including the floods in Pakistan have raised attention to more need for flood Preparedness.
  19. 32. PRECEDENTS: Water Wheels
  20. 33. PRECEDENTS: Bridges
  21. 34. PRECEDENTS: Military Mobile Bridges
  22. 35. Initial Proposal
  23. 36. Proposal: A water-powered mobile floating evac bridge
  24. 37. PROPOSAL
  25. 38. PROPOSAL
  26. 39. CONCLUSION Something like this is much easier to conceptualize than to actually prototype.
  27. 40. REFERENCES http://www.waterwheelfactory.com/Baltimore.htm http://emsh.calarts.edu/~mathart/Zoetrope1.html http://world.std.com/~jwpowell/zoetrope.html http://www.armedforces-int.com/article/leguan-ferry.html http://www.armedforces-int.com/article/mobile-bridges.html http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/04/pet_project_rec.php http://www.ucar.edu/learn/1_1_2_3t.htm
  28. 41. MAJOR STUDIO: INTERFACE FINAL Professor Victoria Vesna project: message in a bottle Hilal Koyuncu 12.14.2010
  29. 42. ABSTRACT Project: Message in a Bottle intends to bring awareness about water related issues by capturing environmental data from the water (ranging from ambient sound to petroleum levels in the water) and sharing this information with the audience.
  30. 43. CONCEPT | TOPIC The central goal of the project is to motivate the public to take action and make a positive change to intervene water related issues. The user interaction will be established through a website that is aimed toward presenting the data that is collected from the water.
  31. 44. SOCIAL CONTEXT The bottles will be launched in water bodies all over the world, the information will constantly be communicated through the website. I am also considering various public displays of the data.
  32. 45. PRECEDENTS Message In a Bottle from Ramsgate to the Chatam Island http://www.laylacurtis.com/bottle/fullscreenclose2.htm
  33. 46. PRECEDENTS A project by Happiness Brussels Designed by Anthony Burrill Limited edition of 200 posters, screen printed with oil from the Gulf of Mexico disaster
  34. 47. PRECEDENTS | LIT REVIEW Why do we always have to revisit the archetype?
  36. 49. PROJECT PROPOSAL The Website
  37. 50. PROJECT PROPOSAL [3]
  38. 51. PROJECT PROPOSAL Physical interactive piece for public display
  39. 52. CONCLUSION Designing to create an impact and make a change in the society is a great challenge. Attempting this task by experimenting with different media could bring important results which could than be utilized to actually accomplish the task.
  40. 53. REFERENCES 1- Dunne, A. (1999). Hetzian Tales .London: Royal College of Art Computer Design Research. 2- Objectified . Dir. Hustwit, Gary. Plexi Productions, Swiss Dots, 2009. 3- Tufte E.(1990) Envisioning Information. Ellicott City: Graphics Press. 4- http://www.laylacurtis.com/bottle/fullscreenclose2.htm 5- http://www.gulfmexico2010.com/
  41. 54. MAJOR STUDIO: INTERFACE FINAL Professor Victoria Vesna SHOWER TIME David Lazarus 12.14.2010
  42. 55. ABSTRACT The aim of this project was to create an installation which recreated the setting of taking a shower, and adding to it an interactive component, which would lead the user to contemplate his own shower usage, the impact the user has personally on the environment, and therefore what can be done to reduce it.
  43. 56. CONCEPT | TOPIC Water Usage in NYC: 50-75% of residential water usage is in the bathroom. Av. person consumes 60-70 gallons of water a day. Av. duration of shower is 9/10 minutes. Standard shower head uses 6 gallons of water per minute. A 10 minute shower is equivalent to 60 gallons (an average persons consumption). Endorphic Enduced Relaxation & Pleasure Association: Post effort, post workout, post sex relaxation Post work, cleansing ritual. Endorphic release happens when showering thus psycho-association between pleasure, relaxation and showering. Showering is an extremely personal experience, that may have an addicting aspect. Regardless, it represents 40% of NYC’s daily water consumption, and by reducing our showering time by just 2 minutes we could save 8 – 10 % of our fresh water source.
  44. 57. CONCEPT | TOPIC The user is supposed to walk into the space, as if entering a shower. Pull the curtain, walk in, and close the curtain. The user is then supposed to turn the shower on (quite simple) by pressing on the release button. We perform this action daily, so I assume it isn’t a stretch of the imagination for users to get this far. Once the button is pressed, it initiates a pre-recorded audio message, that leads the user in a 2 minute (hopefully humorous and not condescending) reflection. The user is essentially getting showered by facts about showers, rather than water. The goal of this interactive shower is to create a reflection within the user that isn’t based on a condescending infomercial tone that can be found in a lot of eco-friendly projects. The visual cues, and the recreation of an actual shower atmosphere hopefully come together to truly reach the user in a very short amount of time which makes it fun & effective.
  45. 58. SOCIAL CONTEXT In order to get the create the strongest reaction in users, they would need to be ready to shower, and be surprised by this unexpected alternate medium of showering. Thus, Shower Time would ideally be shown in public places where people commonly use showers: swimming pools, beaches, spas, road stops, etc… Exposition in art galleries would be a good alternative, which would create, however, a much weaker user reaction, as they would be experiencing this fully dressed, and expecting some sort of alternative to an actual shower.
  46. 59. PRECEDENTS Interactive, Web & Mobile Apps that illustrate the water footprint of individuals, companies and nations. The water footprint is defined as the total volume of freshwater that is used to produce the commodities, goods and services consumed by a person, company or nation. The idea of the water footprint is essentially an aquatic ecological footprint.
  47. 60. PRECEDENTS Koolhaus tap ware facilitates user to measure the amount of water dispensed from each bathroom appliance over any particular period. This innovative and functional concept has been designed with a goal of producing greater understanding about the usage of water and help taking proper initiatives to reduce the amount up to an optimum level.
  48. 61. PRECEDENTS | LIT REVIEW Importance of planned design, and user interactivity & usage: The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces - William H. Whyte Water wastage, our impact and what we can do about it: Solid Waste Management in the World's Cities: Water and Sanitation in the Worlds Cities 2010 - United Nations Water and Wastewater Technology - Mark J. Hammer
  49. 62. PROJECT PROPOSAL [1]
  50. 63. PROJECT PROPOSAL [2] User Testing showed that the script wasn’t adequate. Not humorous enough, and a little too condescending. Finding the right balance between funny, tacky, yet sensible and reflective was challenging. Needs more work. The interface worked in replicating a shower, and users reported that the visual cue of the cup created a strong effect / reaction. The facts were unknown to 95% of users.
  51. 64. PROJECT PROPOSAL [3] Physical Construction Components – Total Cost - $69 # Arduino UNO ATmega328- 30$ #breadboard - 8$ #Resistors – 1$ #Generic Shower Head – 8$ #MiniSpeaker – 4$ #SolarPanel – 6$ #SoundChip – 12$
  52. 65. PROJECT PROPOSAL [4] With an unlimited budget, Shower Time would become a small Arduino type self powered kit that one could order online (it would be delivered with specific statistics according to area of delivery). Upon receipt it could replace any common shower head. It could therefore be installed in any shower, anywhere, thus reaching an extremely wide amount of the population.
  53. 66. REFERENCES http://nyc.gov/html/dep/html/drinking_water/index.shtml http://www.nyc.gov/html/dep/html/drinking_water/droughthist.shtml www.virtualwater.eu The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces - William H. Whyte Solid Waste Management in the World's Cities: Water and Sanitation in the Worlds Cities 2010 - United Nations http://www.nyc.gov/html/dep/html/residents/wateruse.shtml http://hypertextbook.com/facts/1999/JessicaHowellONeill.shtml Water and Wastewater Technology - Mark J. Hammer http://www.gearlog.com/2010/08/koolhaus_faucet_track_your_hom.php