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It project

  1. 1. ANKUR
  2. 2. Computer technology has enabled us to achievewhat we thought would be impossible. Each and everyday in our present life opens with a new addition tothe never-ending applications of computer.Thousandsare working for it; multitudes are benefited out of it.As in the case of music; complete perfection isimpossible in computer knowledge. The comingchapters are a glance to the amazing world ofcomputer.Let us make a journey through it to know alittle of its applications!
  3. 3. Aim : Aim of this project is to find out the multi purpose use of computer in the new era of Information Technology. The significant changes in the Information Technology enable companies to reap the benefits of data access through the use of advanced enterprise networks.Objectives : The goal of the study is to find out the Uses of computers in daily life. For this the following specific objectives are set.1. To examine the various areas of daily life where computers have much more wide spectrum of applications.2. To examine the benefits of significant changes in Information Technology influence the daily life of the common man and much more applications of the computer applications.
  4. 4. COMPUTERS IN EDUCATION Computers have sparked a revolution in education sector.Computers can give life like presentation to students through whichconcepts and ideas can be more easily conveyed to students especiallythose in the school level. Today, computers can be found in libraries, class rooms andmuseums as a means of education. The terms CAL (Computer AssistedLearning) and CAI (Computer Aided Instructions) have becomesynonymous with school education. Some of the key advantages in using computers in education :- Interactive and tailored operation is possible based on student needs. Students can develop science projects using software. Students can search large databases on interesting subjects. Interactive tutorials with feedback can be used for assessing student performance.
  5. 5. COMPUTERS IN BUSINESS Businesses always look for ways to increase their profits and market reach. Any advance in technology had been exploited by businesses to achieve this objective. They promote their products by using the latest in technology. Electronic commerce has been the result of the search for more efficient ways of doing business. Basically this is buying and selling through an electronic communications medium. Over the next several years, electronic commerce will play an important role for businesses. Applications of computers help business organizations in general. It allows an organization to leverage information and communication resources with all its constituencies, including employees, customers, bankers, government agencies, suppliers, advertisement agencies and the public.Some of the benefits of integrating computer systems with organizational structure are :1. Make business functions world-class in order to enhance value.2. Overcome time and distance limitations
  6. 6. COMPUTERS IN MEDICINE AND HEALTH CARE In Medicine computers are used from diagnosing illness tomonitoring patients during surgery.Small special purpose computers thatoperate within the human body helps the body function better.Automated imaging techniques like Computers Axial Tomography(CATScan) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI Scan) are used fordiagnosis of diseases.Computerized equipment are also used in trauma-care unit. Computers are used widely in the study of immunology, medicalradiology and computing radiation dosages in diseases like cancer. Biotechnology is another area related to research. Research inthis area help formulate new medicines for difficult to treat diseases anddisorders.Research in Biotechnology has been greatly benefited bycomputers especially in analyzing the structure of the human DNA.
  7. 7. COMPUTERS IN COMMUNICATION The merging of computers and communication has resulted incomputer networks.Computer network provides a powerful means ofcommunication.Access to remote information,database sharing are someof the benefits of network. Computer networks also offer a variety ofcommunication facility for people Access to remote information andperson- to-person communication are two important uses in this regard. E-Mail is widely used by people to exchange messageelectronically.Video-conferencing makes it possible to have virtualmeetings, people in far away places.ISDN or Integrated Services DigitalNetwork facilitates all kinds of information transfer including data,voice, picture, radio in one channel. E-Commerce is the integration ofcommunication, data management and security capabilities to allowbusiness application within different organisations to automaticallyexchange information related to sale of goods and services.
  8. 8. COMPUTERS IN SCIENCE AND RESEARCH The enormous speed and accuracy of computers make themsuitable for applications in scientific research.In Bio-technologycomputers are used in the study on analysis of genetic behavior, study ofgenes and their structures. The ‘Human genome project’ is an example ofthis.In chemical research, molecular modeling and study of chemicalreaction is an application area. Research and analysis of Astronomical data is another use ofcomputer.Space scientists can predict events that may occur such asappearance of comets,changes in the orbit of planets and various solarphenomena.Computers are also used in research for new materials inaerospace technology. In Medical field computers are used for research for newvaccines and diagnosis of diseases.Computers are used in modern bio-medical instrumentation.
  9. 9. COMPUTERS IN LAW The legal profession has begun to make extensive use ofcomputers. Computers help to search quickly through huge collections ofdata related to cases in databases. Databases can be created containingthousands of documents of evidence. Comprehensive case files can becomputerized. Computers are also used for law enforcement like identifyingvehicles violating traffic rules and building criminal databases by crimetype.The National Crime Record Bureau(NCRB) has its own computerfacilities for analysis on crimes. This is linked to various centers acrossthe country. Computers are employed in identifying criminals by finger printanalysis and DNA fingerprinting. DNA fingerprinting technology canidentify a person from traces of blood, skin or hair from crime spots.
  10. 10. COMPUTERS IN ENGINEERING A computer can be used to perform long sequence ofcomputation that could never be performed by people, because of humantendency to commit errors. Such situations commonly arise inMathematics and Engineering. Computers are used mainly to solvemathematical problems in engineering. They are also used as a tool forengineering design. The advantage of using computers in this context isthat of speed and accuracy. Computers can be used to simulate models ofmachine before they are actually built. This helps to improve theirdesign. In Electronics Engineering, Computers are used for design andanalysis of circuits. Software is available for circuit design. This helps tostudy a circuit without actually assembling it. In Nuclear Engineering, computers are used to control reactorsusing robots. In Mechanical Engineering, computers are used to calculate theload, stress and strain to determine material strength requirements.
  11. 11. COMPUTERS IN MANUFACTURING Computers have become very essential in manufacturingsystems.Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAM) can be defined as theuse of computer systems to plan, manage and control operations of amanufacturing plant through either direct or indirect computer interfacewith production resources.Computer controlled analysis are employed inthe manufacture of products ranging from tiny electronic components toautomobiles and even aircrafts or ships. There are some significantadvantages in using computers in design and manufacturing. Computercontrolled tools can make parts that are closer to actual designspecifications. This is not possible to be conventional tools. Computers are also used in quality control in manufacturingenvironments.
  12. 12. COMPUTERS IN ENFORCEMENT Computers find applications in law enforcement. For examplecomputers can be employed in monitoring the speed of ,detection of over speed. This is done by employing a digital videocamera interfaced with a computer. The camera will be able to follow aspecific target, such as a vehicle and detect its speed. Computers can beused to monitor data communications in a network and detect anyunlawful communications. Computer can be used to maintain largecriminal databases. When a crime is detected it is possible to searchavailable data on criminals based on nature of the crime. Computers arealso employed to establish scientific evidence in criminal cases.Technologies like finger print analysis and DNA finger printing makeuse of computers. Enforcement of Tax laws is another area wherecomputers can be effectively used. Large databases on taxpayers can bemaintained for scrutinize and investigations.
  13. 13. COMPUTERS IN ENTERTAINMENT Computers also contribute to entertainment.Various means ofentertainment for children are computer games, interactive video, videogames,flight stimulators and electronic puzzles.Some software helpstudents learn through enjoyment. Computers are used in music synthesis, film making andanimations in cartoon films.In film making computer graphics and virtualreality modeling is used to create scenes, which cannot be reallyproduced.This gives exciting special effects. Multimedia systems combine text, graphic, music,voice andvideo movies to form an integrated platform.One interesting applicationof multimedia technology in education and entertainment is theelectronic encyclopedia.Such an encyclopedia contains colourful imagesand animations in addition to description in text. It also facilitates easynavigation through hyperlink.A hyperlink is a highlighted text or image,which is linked to some pages containing information.
  14. 14. COMPUTERS IN GOVERNMENT Governments can collect, process and store vast amounts ofinformation about their citizens. Government departments cancomputerize their functions and services. The major areas are that oftaxation, revenue and treasuries. Land records data can be stored incomputer data bases for easy access. Movements of files and proceedingson various subjects can be easily controlled and monitored. Computers can be used as ideal tools in planning and resourcemanagement. The practice of integrating computers and communicationtechnology for the benefit of government functions is termed E-Governance. E-Governance centers on establishing a computer networkthat could serve as the basic electronic infrastructure for administrativefunctions of the government and then developing and implementingnetwork-centric applications on top of this infrastructure .
  15. 15. COMPUTER IN DEFENCE Computers have a connection with defence and militaryorganizations from the early days of their first generation. The firstelectronic computer ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator AndCalculator) was used to compute artillery shell trajectories . Today computers on–board ship, submarines and airplanes arelinked to land based control facilities for coordinating militaryoperations. Real time system have been employed in monitoring militarymovements on boarders and strategically important places. Missile andradar systems are computer controlled. The tremendous speed ofcomputers make it suitable to give immediate response to actionsrequired in defence. Missile systems need to perform millions of computations fortracking targets. Anti-missile systems use Real Time systems to trackand intercept missiles in the itself before they bombard the target. Warplanes are also computer controlled. There are already a number of spysatellites around the world that works as ‘Secret Eyes’ for defence.
  16. 16. The importance and uses ofcomputer in all walks of life is evident on goingthrough the previous passages in this project.It is aninevitable device in the present day life and havingunimaginable uses and potential. It not only savestime but opens tremendous possibilities and leads toa wonderful world of utilities and conveniences.Letus wait for further magics of computers.